meltday evening thread

ya dead, mon?

did so little work today that i think i might actually get a telling off tomorrow. someone made a crack about me leaving ‘early’ (it was 6:10pm). oops.

gonna eat some misery pasta, play video games and go to bed.


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is it a little bit cooler today?

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Thought this…but I was just in the shade of tall buildings.

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just been watching the tour and sweating like fuck all day

Pretty much. Very tempted to sit in my daughter’s paddling pool.

Anyway, pre-birthday evening tonight, so got some booze in (French lager from work, shit but £2.66 for 4 tins atm, and some nice Provence rosé to have with ice later). Baking a feta with tomatoes olives and bread for tea. Cycling highlights as well.


Magnum time.

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Ooft, would smash

Fuck thought you got 4 in a packet. I have no magnum :frowning:

Was up early to take delivery of a new washing machine. Been catching up on laundry all day, had a BBQ and a white choc magnum for lunch, been in the shady garden or in front of the fan all day so not too hot. Got pork pies, smoked cheese and a cider on the go for tea.

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It’s so easy, and really tasty


A fair bit cooler here. Was 30 here yesterday, only 26 today. Really humid though, even though there’s a decent breeze.

Got a cheap supermarket lager cracked open and the bbq on the go


the… leeks? look a bit overdone but otherwise :100:

I’m unambiguously late twenties tomorrow

None of this mid late shit

A sadboi growing into a sadman


Happy birthday for tomorrow, birthday buddy


It’s the way to do em. Basically cook them over the coals til the outer layer is black, then peel the outside off - inside will be spot on.

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Doing a Jamie Oliver number tonight :+1:

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You should absolutely sit in your little ones paddling pool, drinking those cold beers, like a king.
Should he?

  • Sit in that paddling pool!
  • I am a bore

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That’s a hell of an image

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They sell them in packs of 3 and 4! Very confusing. You can’t blame yourself. Commiserations, mate x