Meltdown 2018 curated by Robert Smith


Well well well. Does he still have good taste?


One thing we can say: there won’t be enough time for a support before the curator’s gigs.


Does the curator always perform?


I know he’s into The Twilight Sad but that’s about it


I don’t think Anohni did…


Bob has collaborated in the past with Republica and Blink182. i love the cure but i wouldn’t let him curate a wedding


I’m struggling to think of one who didn’t.


and Korn


The Cure’s Hyde Park show this summer already has a feel of a Smith curated event about it tbh tbf.

I reckon for this he’ll try and get My Bloody Valentine. Maybe 65daysofstatic too…


i hope he asks 65 :hearts::hearts::hearts:


Anonhi is listed among the performers on hers but that is only on Wikipedia, so could easily be a guest spot.


Line up announcement tomorrow. Assume Mogwai are involved


Apparently there’s a Mixed Up 2 release planned, possibly for RSD, that includes a Mogwai remix.


Scott Walker?


That’s a very good shout - Southbank Centre says he made some sort of appearance but no other details so that could be anything. He might have been selling ice creams at the interval.


I’VE SEEN IT because it’s being announced by the day job tomorrow. It’s pretty good. Bigger names than usual/a lot of rock



how much will tickets be for each gig? I’d certainly liek to go to some of the last 4 days


yes! 65 :hearts::hearts::hearts:


also, is there a gig on the 24th?