Meltdown 2018 curated by Robert Smith


I didn’t get an option to join a queue until 9 and was placed at 1300 then. It moved pretty quickly at least, which didn’t sound like was the case for the RFH.


Worth £1800 alone surely…


does this means there are no general sale tickets?


Anyone have any idea how much standing tickets are worth? I know unlikely we will get them…


Thanks again for the presale code - got one ticket (£200…fuuuuck) by refreshing once through the queue and I guess people were cancelling things out of their baskets. Instant buyers remorse but oh well, one of my all time favourite bands in a relatively small venue!


£200?! What do you get from Trent for that?


Wow, where are you sitting?


Stalls in H block, row 8…just Googled and looks like it’s the block to stage right.


Well glad you got one! Didn’t realise the seats were that much more expensive than the standing tickets, but have had a decent view whenever we’ve been in the stalls there.


I think they were around £65 from the venue.


The queue is motoring. I have gone from 1300 to 303 in 10 minutes




Is it because it now says pre-sale sold out? Should I stay in this queue for general sale?!


Website’s showing it as sold out so wouldn’t get your hopes up…


It is worth staying on booking page until 12pm. It could work?


Does suggest more tickets will go on sale at midday so hopefully that will be the case. Good luck!


Yeh sounded like it works similar to how Southbank did - if you were online earlier you were further forward in the queue


Also might be worth trying to call at midday if you can- I didn’t get very far with the queue on the website, but my wife rang the box office and got through quickly that way.


Do we know if Southbank are taking any action over Viagogo and the tickets on there? I saw that they tweeted them saying tickets sold through there would be invalid but not sure how they could actually enforce it.

The state of buying tickets now is ridiculous - not sure what the answer is but feels increasingly stressful and more and more unfair - there were NIN tickets on Viagogo for hundreds of pounds even before the fan pre-sale, let alone general sale.


Hahaha fucking hell, just looked and it’s a bullshit reception package, probably shouldn’t have panic bought! Need to drink £140 worth of beers to get my moneys worth…so probably about four.


Begin your evening at a pre-show reception in the Royal Albert Hall’s Coda lounge, before heading to Premium Stalls seats to enjoy the show!

Ticket includes:

  • Beers, wine and soft drinks.
  • Canapés, hot bowl dishes and desserts will be served
  • Premium seat in the Stalls
  • Programme per person