Meltdown 2018 curated by Robert Smith


So drunk you can’t remember the gig! :joy:


Yeah, it sucks. Mostly don’t bother trying for these things anymore as it’s just a stress.


Those nachos will be worth it (and you’d have paid more on Viagogo or wherever if you’d gone done that route…)!


So that did not work then.


Booted out. Now 2500 in the queue. Fucked it.


this queuing nonsense is a bit stupid. I’ve most recently joined it at 11:07 and am still in it even though it should have started again at 12:00. i tried to join on a different browser at 12:00 as soon as it changed to find tickets from Fan Presale, and it said the waiting room is full


:worried: Try the phone?


lads call them, i got two standing dead easy


+44 (0)20 7589 8212


is it £65 standing?




i called about 11.50, was on hold for a bit, got in just after 12


Absolutely nothing on the phone now. Raging


no joy on the phones here either


thanks for this geezer, wouldn’t have thought of it myself and it did the job


My laptop just decided to restart, had made it to about 1000 in the queue. Now can’t rejoin. This one is over for me.


Queue moving quicker - hope it doesn’t mean they’ve sold out.


I just grabbed some about 5 minutes ago - keep the faith :+1:


Even if I’m 2750 in the queue?