Meltdown 2018 curated by Robert Smith


on hold on the good old dog and bone


You managed to get on hold? Good work.

510 and hope fading fast.


got some in stalls section o row six about 5 mins back. that was having joined the queue as i said up there. quite a joke, but I’m pretty darn happy with my seats.


Royally fleeced for those? Or price as expected?


Already going for between £300-£900 on Viagogo


constant redial on my mobile. and i am in an open plan office working at the same time.


Who’s going to pay £900?! Could get a ticket, flights and accommodation to see them in Switzerland for less than that a few days later.


Ha I know! Suppose they’re trying their luck amid the carnage and hoping someone panics




Hope they’re still sitting there trying to sell the tickets for a tenner on the morning of the gig…


They might even…:open_mouth:…have to go the gig they bought tickets for :roll_eyes:


Got a shit ticket at the back of Section S but at least I will get to see BMSR!


15 mins holding on the phone so far


Front of queue and then bumped to homepage. Great.


giving up at 1pm. still holding on phone.


anyone know if standing still available?


I fucking hate Robbie Williams ‘Millenium’


i spent ten mins thinking i know this annoying fucking tune, then got it.


They’re punishing us


indeed. 6 minutes more for me