Meltdown 2018 curated by Robert Smith


Hang in there !


got a meeting at 1




Sack it off


26 mins holding. luckily i am a patient man.


£60 each, so it depends on your interpretation of fleeced. relatively, certainly not though


FYI - looks like there’s seats on Viagogo for c.£100 now. Not ideal as it plays into these dickheads’ hands but not outrageously expensive.

Can’t believe they’re up within an hour.


Guys, I’ve somehow ended up with 7 NIN tickets… i def want to keep the south bank one, and the two standing Albert hall ones, but I’ve got two Albert hall Second tier 23, seats 3 and 4 for £140 for the pair (face value inc booking fee), plus two standing for paris which I’m keen to get rid of now I have South Bank and Albert Hall 9which i currently cant remember the cost of).

Just need to actually confirm the standing Albert hall ones, my bf ordered them over the phone and he didnt get an email, but as soon as the moneys gone from his account, I can sell those two seconds tier ones…and possible the paris ones :slight_smile:


Mine ended up being about that plus fees.

Having got to the front and got bumped to the homepage, I chanced going back to NIN page and didn’t have to join the Waiting Room again. Had to refresh a few times for tickets to become available.

All a bit faffy.


Any joy?


I would happily take the RAH tickets off your hand. Would help me overcome the 4 hours of my life this week virtual queuing.

Still so annoyed i got through the virtual queue to the order page then booted me back to the homepage!


I got through on the phone around 1.05 to be told only thing left was restricted view on stools on the second level for £67. I know when I am beaten


When it rains it pours! Glad you got sorted.


Do you just want the one seated or both seated?


Both please. The lady would not be happy if I went on my own!


Sent you a PM so you san see where the tickets are!


In the small chance anyone ended up with a couple of MBV spares, please let me know


Hi Folks - what is the deal with official returns (I understand this occasionally happens). Like SoloStrike I am after a ticket for MBV. Obviously he was above me in the queue. Guess I’ll need to keep an eye on Scarletmist


Hey let me know if you’re keen for the two Albert Hall ticket - £140 for the pair, second tier 23, seats 3 and 4

If I have’t heard back from you by the end of the week, I’ll stick them on Twickets

Anyone know what to do with spare tickets for the french gig? Doesn’t work on Twickets, so have gone for stub-hub but am already feeling guilty!


Try posting it in the FB event for the show. You’re more likely to get it going to a genuine fan rather than someone who’ll just resell again. I’ve done it before and generally take a look at the person’s profile beforehand to check if they look like they’d be a fan.