Meltdown 2018 curated by Robert Smith


Neither do I but got to try (and also stay calm in an open plan office while doing so)


Got 7th row stalls for Robert Smith earlier, happy as Larry.

The members allocation is unsurprisingly sold out for this.


Got 200ish in the queue, got through, the site crashed and back to 1500ish. :sob:

One more chance on Monday.


Got tickets now. Back of stalls but don’t care. This will make up for missing hyde park.


got really good maybeshewill tickets despite probably the shittest website known to man. hooray!


Got Low so I’m happy.
Such a horrible site!


What are the differences between seats? I guess standing is right at the back? Is it really bad?


All seats in the Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room are excellent with unobstructed views, but you may be a bit further from the stage if you’re on the balcony (RFH and QEH) or sitting at an angle (RFH only).

Not aware that they have ever sold standing tickets for concerts in the RFH, QEH or PR. Is this for one of the main gigs, or an event in one of the meeting rooms in the RFH?


Mbv and soft moon, standing is the cheapest at 25 quid, most is 65


Is this from the official website? I just went through it and the cheapest MBV is £35 (seat on the balcony). The Soft Moon is £15 for a seat in the Purcell Room.

Edit: Soft Moon are supporting MBV, obviously.


There is a note on the event blurb saying “Although Royal Festival Hall is a seated venue, you are encouraged to stand at this gig


There was a standing option for 25, which seems to have gone now

Will probably just plump for one of the cheaper tickets


No idea how this will work.


fuck up mate his Blink song is amazing


More tickets released according to a friend who works at Southbank. I have no more information than this.


There’s more MBV tix that’s for sure.


Thanks, just booked…:O)


what are the price bands?


Thank you so much for flagging this up. Just nabbed a couple in the nosebleeds.