Meltdown 2018 curated by Robert Smith


I went for £35 on the balcony. But the site was showing 5 different priced tickets up to £65 I think.


yeah i worked it out. was confused as when booking before it had the seating chart.


Cheers :grinning:


@Antpocalypsenow have your 65daysofstatic tickets turned up yet?


Not yet, no. They said they were holding back on emailing them to combat touting so I’m not expecting them till the day before maybe?


Ah ok. I didn’t actually realise they were etickets.


Going to The Notwist and Low next week. Woohoo!


Had my Robert Smith etickets the other day so must be sending them soon.


My Death Cab tickets came on Saturday.


I got NIN and MBV by post today sweeeeet


Got my 65dos physical tickets on Friday :+1:


I think I’m going to give them a call later. I got email dated 26th March saying they’ll post or email tickets 7-10 days before. But that says I should have got an email with my order number, which I can’t find.


A quick heads up; Robert Smith is sitting in for Iggy Pop on 6Music on Friday night.


Bit annoying that he’s doing it when I’m actually at fucking Meltdown :rage:


Reckon the curator should have to watch every gig to prove they actually like them


Found my booking email. Couldn’t find it on my phone, but could in gmail on the PC. It is an e-ticket, so I guess I’ll wait as @Antpocalypsenow hasn’t got his yet either.


My old flatmate used to be the box office manager for the Southbank, so I used to rinse her for tickets. The year that Jarvis Cocker curated, she got me front row centre tickets for about a dozen shows (thanks for that Alison - sorry we fell out and no longer talk) and I was sat next to Jarvis himself for almost all of them :+1: In fairness, he left early during most of them…


I think the radio show is pre-recorded, so you might be sat next to him yet…


I’m in the pleb seats this year :grimacing:


Would be annoying sat behind him with his hair