Meltdown 2018 curated by Robert Smith


He has said in a recent interview he wants to go to as many as possible. So you never know.


I have 4 chances then


This is happening on the night the Frightened Rabbit gig was due to take place. Sounds fascinating and really great they’re doing it but I can only imagine how intense / upsetting it might be.


Psychedelic Furs were great last night - surprised at how good they still sounded and that Richard’s voice is still pretty much fully intact. How he doesn’t have a permanent sore throat, I have no idea…


Saw them at All Points East the other week - thought they were pretty great :+1:


The Notwist tonight. Looking forward to seeing them for the umpteenth time, but a bit disappointed that I won’t be able to bop about as much due to seats.


What’s the standin up situation like? They say it’s encouraged, but does that mean just standing at your seat?


I forgot about the standing encouraged thing, seems weird to me, has to be all or nothing if some people stand they will block people behind them, they should just accept they are a seated venue


Yeah, that’s what i feel. Going to see Death Cab tomorrow and would rather just sit for it and enjoy the comfort.




The Notwist were pretty good last night, but the vocals were so muffled whenever it wasn’t a super quiet song. I ended up complaining to the sound guy, which I’ve never done before, and so did two other folk, but it made no difference.

I was in the rear stalls of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, and it was almost half empty in that section. A few people stood up near the back to dance towards the end, and so we went to join them (near the back in the stairs to avoid being in anybody’s way). A couple of people dancing in the front section by the end, but that’s it. I suppose it might be different if you had a band who actively encouraged it though.

At the very least it reminded me of how comfy the seats are there!


for 65 the vast majority of people stayed seated (which felt a bit weird for such a dancey band)


they got three full (and very long) standing ovations, which was absolutely lovely and they seemed really blown away by it, and that wouldn’t have happened/had the same impact if everyone had been standing already, so it made the sitting down thing more than worthwhile imho

(plus the chairs are pretty comfy in there so that’s nice as well)


Jambinai were incredible last night! Anyone who’s going to God Is An Astronaut tomorrow make sure you get there early to see them support!

Really looking forward to Emma Ruth Rundle and Mono this week (although gutted I missed out on MBV tickets). Can’t Robert Smith just curate a festival every year?


Went to the secret Sunday thing yesterday, they had a bunch of bands playing for free in the main hall.
Is Bliss were great, psych rock with a Spaceman 3 / Spiritualized thing going on.
Midas Fall were amazing after they got over some technical difficulties. I still think they sound like Tori Amos’s post rock band but live they are something else, they just ripped it up.

Looking forward to GIAA tonight.


I was with my mum on her 70th yesterday and we popped into the Southbank to use the loos. She was instantly intrigued by the bands playing and sat through Is Bliss and Midas Fall whilst happily tapping her feet and clapping along in some instances. It was so cute and lovely that I had to go for a wee cry out of view.


Yeah it was strange being seated, I didn’t realise standing was encouraged. But as you said, the impact and their reaction to the standing ovation was lovely.

There was that girl who was absolutely going for it in the middle gangway, who later got told to move to the front left corner.


We were sat diagonally behind her - she was good value :+1:


I’m actively dreading sitting down for Mogwai, to be honest.


I hope your mum had a lovely day. I saw Is Bliss play with Air Formation a while back and enjoyed them.


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