Meltdown 2018 curated by Robert Smith

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With mandatory Cure cover (If only tonight we could sleep)! Would have loved to have seen this (Rosemary, Battle-Axe, You’ve Seen the Butcher, yes m9)


Deftones last night was the best I’ve ever seen them play and hear - would of liked more off Gore and Saturday Night Wrist (Cherry Waves!) but they played Rosemary and Battleaxe which very nearly made me explode.

Great stuff :exploding_head:

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You can listen back on-demand via Mixcloud (and download it via their phone app)

Drowned in Sound’s Meltdown Special
David Bowie - Wild is the Wind
Young Fathers - In My View
Robert Smith - There’s a Girl In The Corner (Twilight Sad Cover)
Deftones - sextape
Mogwai - Xmas Steps
NIN - God break down the door
Frightened Rabbit - State Hospital
Hilary Woods - Black Rainbow
Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla
The Kills - Cat Claw
Tom Waits - Bad As Me
Bjork - Stonemiler
Mos Def - Fear Not of Man
John Coltrane - Ole
Dirty Three - Sometimes I Forget You’ve Gone
Chromatics - Black Walls
Tess Roby - Tripling
Richard Hawley - I Still Want You
Phoebe Bridgers - You Missed My Heart
Anna Von Hausswolff - The Truth, The Glow, The Fall

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Which Meltdown shows are you off to this weekend? Anyone else NIИ-ing tonight?

Here are our reviews so far - words to follow on other shows, including me on Deftones, Hilary Woods and NIN tonight.

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At Robert Smith/Twilight Sad on Sunday. Haven’t looked forward to a gig so much for years.


I’m at NIN tonight (and Sunday night). Very very excited and new EP is also great!

I am at Nine Inch Nails tonight, my bloody valentine tomorrow and Robert Smith’s show on Sunday. I have a spare for mbv, actually, if anyone wants in. PM me.

I also went to see Deftones on Wednesday where I met Roger O’Donnell who spilt the beans about Sunday’s set.

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Immensly excited for MBV, going with a few mates who are bigger fans than I am (one has MBV lyrics tattooed on his arm) so it should be fun


And the soft moon supporting, which is absurd

Don’t want to know what the set is, but is it good?

Not saying…

It’s just The Cure playing songs from Wild Mood Swings onward


Fuck me Nine Inch Nails were incredible. Long time listener but first I’ve seen of them live. Still all that intensity in the old songs 20 years on.


That set list was great, remember the ending of The a Great Destroyer being absolutely crushing last time I saw them. Can’t wait for Sunday!

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You’re not saying if it is good? That’s a bit worrying…

I was happy with what he said. Not much more I can say without spoilers. Also, what he said may not be true (although he did seem like a genuinely decent bloke)

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I’m seeing mbv tonight. Don’t have a ticket. It’s sold out. I will queue for returns by the box office. Statistically, there should be some returns. It’s a good thing I like queueing.

The returns system is civilised. They’ve laid out chairs for us. I’m number 5.

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I had a spare, gone now, but I posted on the meltdown Facebook event, there were a few others selling on there