Meltdown 2018 curated by Robert Smith




Call the box office 020 3879 9555. I was only on hold for 5 minutes. Have got really good tickets for Pacebo, Libertines and Manics. Still in shock!!! (so is my bank balance)


What! I’ve been calling on skype now for 29 minutes!


Perhaps I was just really lucky. Keep trying and good luck.



Hang in there people! :smiley:


I got some for NIN just now - yep hang in there


Just to clarify…these are definitely only available to members today aye? General sale is Thursday right?


“We still have tickets remaining for most gigs, but there is very limited availability for the following gigs: Nine Inch Nails”


Nine Inch Nails is now sold out.


Yup, NIN sold out for minutes before I got through…WAH!


So close! Guess we’ll have to gamble during general sale…which will be even more horrific than today I imagine


Are there more tickets on general? i thought they were all gone? Or are the staggered??


AFAIK, that’s the lot. The same thing happened with Elizabeth Fraser in 2012. Sold out well before the public sale.


Guys keep refreshing - just gambled, kept clicking and some were released after they said they were sold out!


This is bullshit…can I complain and get my membership money back? I get that they need the money to find themselves, but I dont really get how some people got through on the phones in like five minutes and I didnt get through in an entire hour…I suppose its always just down to luck with festival tickets.


Their website says no refunds on membership, it can be transferred to someone else in exceptional circumstances, I’d try and complain though, really don’t think the membership thing is the right model for gigs


I totally agree. Sigh. And I woke up at 4.30am for this!

On a positive note, surely that cant be the only NIN UK date? They must be holding one back!!! Right??


This was their first time using the Queueit system, as far as I can tell. They obviously did not know how to use it, as everyone who logs on before 10m was supposed to enter a lottery for queue numbers at 10am, as they ADVERTISED. Instead, they allowed people to join the queue, in order, without randomisation, at some point in time earlier than 10am. Since they misadvertised the service they provided members, I’ll bet you can get your money back, if you relied on that advert as an enticement to buy membership, as long as you got no tickets. If you got tickets, and you want to keep them, I can’t see you have any claim on getting your money back.

As far as I can tell, nobody got a single ticket online for about an hour as they tried to rectify their mistake in allowing people to join the queue early. Since they were unable to rectify the mistake, they then started allowing the queue in, in the order it formed (with number 1 joining at a=about 9:15 am or so). Number 1 would then get first dibs on tickets not bought yet by peeps in the physical queue at the venue or by punters on the phone.


If not could always go somewhere in Europe, make a holiday out of it