Meltdown 2018 curated by Robert Smith


What a stressful morning :smiley:


Hi! Was it you that I met in the queue earlier? Going down there so early was a damn good move! Got my favourite seats! Sweeeeeeeeet!!!

Sorry to all the people that didn’t manage to get through on the web or phone!


I don’t think so, think you were sat in front of me though as I heard someone talk about sonic youth/spiritualised, I was row 2 seat 1


Oops! It was a crazy morning and my brain is fried!


Nine Inch Nails tickets available tomorrow at 10am.


@Sasperella you seen this? Reckon it must be grounds for cancelling membership as it is advertised on a members get first dibs basis, members don’t get tickets but then some go on general sale, false advertising or something


Yeah the guidance they sent out specifically said their was no benefit to trying before 10am which was clearly not the case


Yeh this is such bullshit. I tried this morning, and clicked on two seats but by the time i got process they’d gone, along with everything else. I will email them again today


Like an absolute mug I’m trying for NIN tickets again. Preparing for disappointment!


Any links to non NIN shows that bypass the queue? (Namely 65dos)


from what i can tell, the queue is all the same. it will probably get quicker once those 5 NIN tickets have gone.


Cheers :+1:


NIN all gone (I was trying for a friend)


My queue time is only 60 minutes on phone and online…feeling confident!..ahem


Queued in person. Got all the necessary tickets. Chuffed!


I only just remembered about this. I’m after 65dos tickets too.


Only single seats and rear stalls left for 65dos…


Oh well, I’ve probably for no chance then.


Out of interest when did you pitch up? If after 08:00 then I will proceed to kick myself repeatedly very hard for not doing so too :slight_smile:


Randomly searched 65dayofstatic on Seetickets and got recommended this alternative. I reckon you must be their target market.