Meltdown 2018 curated by Robert Smith


Ha! Tailor made!


Nah, you’ll be reet - there were a couple of hundred seats left I reckon :+1:


MBV Sold Out…:frowning:

I sincerely hope their tour doesn’t consist of this, Roskilde and the Tokyo festival!


This queuing system is utterly draining. I hate that little man.


I just want my Notwist tickets! Can the rest of the world stop trying to book for the sold out/popular gigs please.


He’s probably knackered too, tbf


Can’t believe this queue is still going on now that MBV and NIN have sold out, was expecting it to fly by once those messages appeared.


My little man hasn’t even reached halfway yet,despite walking since ten am. A few more miles and he should be halfway!


Reckon people have to actually click ‘leave the queue’ most won’t bother


Aye, that’s probably true tbf.

Comparing it mainly to the National Theatre friday rush queue which just gets nuked once the Network tickets go


So changing the subject; do we think the Cure will play? There’s an FAQ on this on the website and it just says tantalisingly that there are more names to be announced. The curators usually (always?) play but that would be a bit cheeky given how they billed the Hyde Park show (although when I look back at that it calls itself “an exclusive European concert” which I suppose in retrospect has some room for interpretation).

Anyway, I want the Twilight Sad in the next announcement, please.


8 on the dot. Maybe 10 people in front of me. By 10, there were maybe 40 people behind me


Maybe Robert Smith will do something solo or guest with others.


nothing has been announced for the final Sunday, which is included in the festival dates.


Just picked up a 65daysofstatic single, only rear stalls left and the back of rear stalls at that which is pretty galling but oh well


Any doubles available?

I hate this running man.


Yeah, the back four or five rows are entirely available


Just bought tickets in the middle rear stalls for Notwist. Thought it might be better than front stalls off to the side.


If Twilight Sad play and Bob guests on a song during their set…

Think I would have a heart attack :heart_eyes:


Finally got through. Row HH.