Meltdown 2018 curated by Robert Smith


Managed to get a couple of OKish Mogwai ones. Will probably sell out by the end of the afternoon.


Thanks…sounds like you played a good game there and pleased you had success

hobbles away disconsolately on a personal level; beaten and bruised


Think the site may have now crashed. I was toying with getting Mogwai and Deftones tickets too.


Weird they didn’t stagger some of the bigger acts


Black Moth Super Rainbow are supporting NIN. Couldn’t give a rat’s arse about NIN but I’m gutted about missing BMSR. They’ve never played Europe before. :’(


Surely they’ll rustle up some other European shows in that case seeing as they’re over?


They better had. They’ve been on my bucket list for years :frowning: I’ll be stalking the RFH in the days leading up to the event for returns if they don’t.


Nine Inch Nails at Royal Albert Hall on 24 June 2018… with that same support… on sale tomorrow according to the email I just received from the NIN website…


Saw that. I want a BMSR headline show though :frowning:


YES!!! Anyone have any idea where the best standing place is for this? I just looked at a plan of the hall…and I right in thinking it is the ARENA area just infront of the stage?

Im going to be flying between Lima and Houston for the whole of this pre-sale, so am reciting people, but they need to know where to buy!!


The arena area will be standing unless they ask for it not to be- is the oval central space in front of the stage. Stalls will be seats immediatelt around that. If you end up having to try for seats, pretty much all of them will be fine given that it’s a smaller venue than they’d usually play (the lower the better generally).


Yeah I ended up with high tickets for Iggy Pop and oh my god they were HIGH. MILES away. At that gig (and at the National years ago) seated peeps on the ground floor bit all rushed to the front and the staff didn’t know what to do, so that’s an option too.


Does anyone have the presale code for Albert Hall tickets?


Think it is MORALE (friend sent me a screenshot of the email)


Awesome, thank you!


Still over 1000 optimistic souls queuing online


I just got to the head of that queue. Only boxes left in presale. Reckon I can just sit on the booking page now until midday?


Only whole boxes left, at a mere £1800 for 8 people


It seemed to operate the same queuing system as RFH - if you got into a queue for any web page at 830am, you kept that place at 9…


Must include the amazing pre-gig nachos…