Meltdown Festival 2020. Grace Jones curates.

Looking forward to it.

Should be interesting to see the line up.

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A lot of the shows this year were undersold and they were basically giving tickets away, so it’ll be interesting to see the type of thing they book.


There didn’t seem to be anything this year that had the wow factor of the big names Robert Smith got, irrespective of obviously different styles of music.


Fantastic choice. She’s right, it is about time she was asked

How were they giving tickets away?

Should be a strong bill. Could anyone say no to Grace Jones asking them to do something?!

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BOGOF/literally free offers on a couple of ticketing and entertainment mailing lists.

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Good to know, thanks!

Their website is never geared up for when tickets go on sale. Pardon the pun but the site is a meltdown. Tickets on sale at 10am but their website becomes usable around noon if you’re lucky.

Oh my goodness - wonder what she’ll pick. Having been initially excited about Nile Rodgers his choices were surprisingly bland.

Don’t panic if you can’t get tickets. The Southbank has a decent queuing system (with chairs!) for returns on the night. That’s how I got to see The Cure and MBV in 2018 for under £35. My only regret was finding out later that Suzanne Vega was on the same time as MBV. Gutted.

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That and Meltdown was held in August instead of June could explain why it wasn’t sold out.

First line up announcement - Solange!

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Oh wow. Solange in the festival hall! Will this be a nightmare to get tickets for??

I’m assuming so, its her first headline gig here for about 7 years unless I’m forgetting something (she only did Lovebox for the last album)

Oh man I might have to get a membership- I don’t want to miss this!

£60 minimum up to £150!!

Yeah, just spotted this. Her recent gigs in Sydney were crazily priced and it didn’t sell at all.