Melvins 2020

Anyone else not realize how much of a dick Buzz Osbourne was?

Never heard of this band other than Alexa plays their version of “99 bottles of beer” when my 4 year old asks it to play that song. Seeing your post, I resent that they would have received any minor fractions of streaming royalties for that.

I knew he was a libertarian edgelordy type

That sort tends to fall right into the far right’s hands


Well that fucking sucks. I love Melvins music. Also thoroughly enjoyed it when he turned up in the game Sunset Overdrive.

I’m terrible and it won’t stop me listening to their music, but he’s not in my book of ‘good eggs’.

Yeah the only stuff I’d really seen was that kind of Jim Rose freak show style 90s edginess. Not the palling up with the real alt right.



It’s not like the Melvins have done anything worth hearing in 20 years

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I knew he was supposed to be a bit of an outspoken knob but didn’t know he was a right wing outspoken knob

Hard disagree, the two drummer stuff with Big Business was :fire:


oh christ

fucking hell.


Argh, big fan of their music and in all the interviews I’ve seen where he talks about music and other bands it’s really engaging and someone who really comes across as a lover of all sorts of music with brilliant taste.

Never knew anything of their political affiliations before, or even the edgelord type stuff. Fuck sake.

Pleasing crossover with the social media thread today though

Not exactly the thread for it but their album with Jello Biafra (2004?) is amazing.

Biafra could be accused of being ‘edgy’ himself but his is a more sophisticated approach in advocating for social causes rather than saying ignorant offensive shit.

Oh, Buzzo. Always a bit of an edgelord but he seemed mostly harmless with it. I’d hoped he was content to spend his days playing golf and releasing riffs of varyiable quality for the foreseeable but of course this is 2020 and every jackass with a terrible opinion absolutely has to show you their arse sooner or later.


Gah! None of ‘em are very right on really are they?

Ah fuck him. Sounds thick as pig shit tbh

Disagree. Melvins have done some v good albums in that time.

And all this time I thought the edginess was tongue-in-cheek/for shock value. Sad.

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I’m hoping that I don’t end up reading a tweet like this about Steve Albini any time soon, always hoped/assumed his was the same kinda deal, not sincere at all.

Albini was a bit of an edgelord back in the day but he seems a lot more thoughtful and well adjusted these days