Memories of a DiS(ism)

Was thinking about Tool Academy and Mumsnet but also does anyone else remember this?! I feel like maybe it was only a few days but someone told me it went on for weeks, as we originally assumed it wasn’t really him?!

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I always thought that was former dis member Cr**g Fly

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I have nothing to add except that the new film about him, Creation Stories, is hilariously shit.

Sadly it doesn’t surprise me that he’d do that. On the latest chart music podcast the journalist simon price recounts how he had mcgee tweeting some pretty horrid abuse at him.

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On the forums it probably was but I am 99% sure it was him on Twitter

Found out today that quite a few scenes in the film have been shot at legendary East London venue The George Tavern. As this place has been under threat for years, first from redevelopment and more recently due to the pandemic, I hope they made some decent money from the film shoot.

I thought there was a real McGee account and a troll one. Pretty sure the last one was CF

I was ALAN_MCGEE_WEE_MAN and also ajm60 which did a good job of convincing Stealthy :slight_smile:

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Back when this is what retweets looked like

And one more

I love that podcast and what Price claims McGee said sounded pathetic, totally unnecessary and with homophobic “lol men in makeup” overtones. Plus mocking him for going to a 60s festival - AM’s most famous for discovering the most indebted-to-the-Beatles band ever! It was some time ago (also 2009) but this doesn’t endear me to the guy. Sorry you had to deal with that nonsense @sean .

Holy shit. I’ve just remembered Luke Leighfield.

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