Memory Foam Mattress Topper - Consumer Advice

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I chose this one instead (for your FYI - not memory foam) and I can report that it has added extra comfort


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Covers are machine-washable


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Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Consumer Advice
Old Blue Last, 8pm


A must if you eat prawn madras in bed


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If you can stretch to it, get a decent memory foam mattress rather than a topper. Had to leave my Tempur mattress at home when I moved. Heartbreaking. Properly life-changing purchase.

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I’m worried about this ‘getting too hot’ thing though. I’m a notorious overheater

Bought a memory foam mattress recently and got a mattress topper this week. it’s changed my life more than the mattress has. But it’s not M foam. Anyhow, can seriously recommend this one

Took the recommendation from this article which also might help you

Best of luck!

Yeah me too and yes, they do get very warm but for me the comfort outweighed that. Definitely something to be mindful of tho

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you can buy deep fitted sheets

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Got one when my bed was broken to try and help. Helped a bit, not much.

Haven’t tried it on the new bed but might test it out

Mattress topper is really good for the mattress life. but which mattress topper you ought to pick is major disarray these days.

Bedding toppers can be made of froth, down and quills or fleece. Sleeping mattress toppers change in thickness from 1 inch to 5 creeps with 2 to 3 inches being the most well-known thickness. The thicker the topper the more costly it will be. A more slender bedding topper gives more help from the sleeping cushion and could be better in the event that you have back issues. On the off chance that you pick a topper of multiple inches, it will change the vibe of the sleeping cushion.

Furthermore, there are numerous sleeping pad toppers are accessible in the market. like adjustable foam, plume and down, fleece and cooling bedding topper.

I like mine made of froth.

OK then.