Memory Playlists

Inspired by (Which probably explains it better) this is a list of songs which may not necessarily be your all time favourites but have seared themselves into your subconscious to remind you of a place, a person, a feeling, or just anchoring you to a particular point in time.

Peel’s original idea related to her grandmother’s dementia whereby the memory fragments but parts can be recalled because these have become so imprinted within our minds. I worked with alzheimers patients many moons ago and was often struck by how they didn’t know where they were or what day it was but could remember who gave away a particular corner in a drab mid table encounter with Hull City in 1953.

List can be any number of songs up to a maximum of 25 and explanations for each are optional.

There’s one that always reminds me of my friend who once had to knock on wood

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