Men in Black II is on Channel 4

Just starting.


is it a christmas movie?


you gonna watch it Tone?

Just watched the house with a clock in the walls. Like literally just watched it.


It’ll be on at least

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what’s balonz on about, tone?

Did you know that Angelo Badalamenti did the score for Christmas Vacation? Crazy huh?

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It’s got Kyle MacLachlan in it who you may know had a prominent role in Twin Peaks.


Everything I have said in this thread is true.

oh i thought you were doing like a ‘watching paint dry’ type joke

There’s this film called ‘The House With a Clock in it’s Walls’ and I think he’s just watched it.

i see, i see

No it’s a real kids film. Bit spooky. The boy was burrowed behind my back for a while.

Left the room for a bit and my partner has put Elf on (ITV 2)

the film I want to watch is only available in SD. ycmiu.

I think Jack Black and Cate Blanchett are in it (or whoever the actor that plays Jack Black at least)

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Did you know the Xmas vacation score fact? Good one eh?

Elf as well!? I just had to Google “ITV 2 HD Freeview” to see if it was available in HD on Freeview.

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i can’t honestly say if i knew that or not but i believe it. he also did arlington road as i recall, and a record with the bloke out of James.