Men wearing eyeliner

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Men, have you ever worn eyeliner. Please expand…

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I have astonishingly dark and long eyelashes and have often been asked if I’m wearing eyeliner. I’ve never worn eyeliner because I feel very conscious of anything on my face, can’t stand face paints or concealer when I’ve used them.


Next Friday selfie thread I want you in eyeliner. No excuses.


I don’t think it would suit me.

I don’t think I want to do that if that’s ok


It will. Wear it.

I think I’d look like someone who unsuccessfully auditioned to get into King Adora.


You have to be a certain type of person to pull it off, like a man bun or trilby. It’s definitely not for me.

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I’d wear it if I had a reason to

There was a guy next to me at Snail Mail who looked just like your typical DiS man. Had eyeliner on though.

Wore some on Saturday as part of my look for the Halloween fair we took the kids to. Hadn’t worn any in ages - forgotten how much I like it. Might stick some on for the Ladytron gig on Sunday :+1:

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You would definitely look good.

The term “guyliner”

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I reckon you’re well up there in the people who can pull off eyeliner stakes.


I cannot begin to imagine how ridiculous I would look

Wish I’d given it a go when I was young and pretty (er)

think it would be a very bad idea now

Just needs to be a little bit, like when Antoni in Queer Eye put some on and I had some sort of prolonged hot flush whenever I saw him.

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The thought of putting anything near my eyes like eyeliner makes me go all squeamish. Even the sight of others putting on eyeliner makes me get all twitchy.


I imagine him being extremely attractive in the first place probably has something to do with that though eh

Wore eyeliner once, when I was Baby Spice for a charity thing at school. The girl doing my make-up expressed envy over my lashes when eyelinering and mascaring them. Felt rather proud :slight_smile:

Can’t say I looked at all sexy though in any way, shape or form from the eyes down though.