Men who piss standing up, where do you tend to aim your piss?



  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • Humourous effort such as the floor

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Straight into my own mouth.


Option 5


Option 6: onto the rhododendrons


Sorry, not sure if I made in clear:

liquid piss


I’m a 4 man to begin with but usually end up at 1 by the finale


Start at 1. Might move round to 4. Sometimes end up going clockwise round the bowl.

Quiet satisfying if you’re home alone to smash it straight into 2 though and revel in the FORCE OF YOUR DICK.



2 if I’m ostentatiously trying to sound like I’ve got a powerful stream
3 if it’s past bedtime and I’m trying not to wake anyone up
4 if I’m on the phone to somebody and nature calls

N.B. I am not speaking to nature on the phone


Fucking hell, didn’t ask for your life story. Pick an option.


Depends, usually try and keep it quiet, which tends to be a location somewhere between 1 and 4.

2 is definitely the winner though. LISTEN TO ME PISS EVERYBODY!


1 Lonzy. Least risk there of it going everywhere, and the sound of 2 is a bit offputting

so it’s 1 for me




some men piss sitting down ? without doing a number 2 ?


I just aim for the shit splats


Yeah @Antpocalypsenow does I believe. No shame in it is there, do what you want innit.


Bloody loads of them on here. They’re not even sorry about it.


Hello Richard




See ya later fellas!


Anyone going for 3 is a dangerous psychopath