Menless monday 4 evening thread

Can’t see an evening thread yet so here is one

What’s for dinner?

The original meal plan was some kind of Spanish omelette/frittata ( because we had eggs to use up) but it evolved over the course of the day and became a pile of scrambled eggs, avocado (also being used up) and chorizo with rye bread toast (also being used up).

I do like chorizo and eggs.


They have delayed lockdown easing further till 19th July then

Had pasta for the third night running :grimacing:

(We have literally nothing else in the house.)

No plans, just sitting because I have been proper uncomfortable these last few days and goddamn it I require sympathy.


isn’t it

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Was having a really good first day until an agonising gout flare-up this afternoon.

Trying to decide if i cba making actual dinner. Need to do a bit of work as well, have just been chilling out with my knitting and the television for ages now.

Yup, it’s a super inspired evening chez wr


I’m all out of whack

Had my Monday pizza early cos I was starving (probably cos I ended up skipping dinner last night). But then I couldn’t eat it all so I have a couple of bonus slices for later

Watching a bit of Fargo until it’s time for the big D&D game

Stir fry for dinner. I’m not a massive fan, but it’s nice and easy, eh?

I’ve already put the bins out, so the night is my own. I’ll probably do the washing up. Don’t tell me I don’t know how to live.

Had potato, veggie bangers, peas and carrots for dinner. Really want something sweet but that would involve going to the shop.

Just been on the exercise bike but it’s so hot i stopped after 10 mins and am now having a lie down. Will probably try to do another 10 mins at least. I don’t object to the heat but it’s not great when you’ve got to do anything.

Big time sympathy for anyone who’s up the stick in a heatwave. I’ve been there and it sucks.

I recommend putting your feet in a nice cold bucket of water. I did that for a whole day once when I was prego with babyshipped.


Leftover Satay curry

Takeaway burgers for me. Holibobs, innit.

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I often wonder how my mother managed to be at her most pregnant with me in June and both my siblings in August. Must’ve been uncomfortable.




Got back on and have pointed a fan at myself and this is much better

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I thoroughly enjoy an obscure/ archaic euphemism.


Evening :wave:

More leftovers from Saturday. I’m kind of bereft that we’ve now eaten it all.

There’s a nice cool breeze coming in. The youngest is in Brownies and I dropped her off earlier and she was SO excited, was really cute. They were all sat in the churchyard and she could see them from 100 yards off and she just kept grinning and waving :smiley: then I went for a bike ride and swallowed far too many flies


got the flat to myself for the first time in what must be… years. of all the things i thought to do, i’ve decided to have a big spring clean… i’ll let a therapist deal with that one. ordered myself a vegan junk food feast and then will probably spend the rest of the evening watching true crime docs and making loud, weird noises with various bits of music equipment. :pray: