Menless Monday evening thread. Banger special.


Home alone so gonna spend the evening knob twiddling and browsing takeaway menus but not deciding which one I want so just eating a crisp sandwich :upside_down_face:

So cringe, he’s not good at this is he? :laughing:


Hope you’ve used oral b tomorrow morning, would be embarrassing if you gave a presentation with your breakfast still stuck between your teeth


special k about to drop some ceo moves and make this easy

sorry, five minutes browsing Casey’s timeline has changed me

‘Man, I’m tired of singing’


I’m repulsed but it keeps getting replays

well played, Lake

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Good hello.

First day of maternity leave without plasticmike. Think it went okay.

Here’s a banger I introduced my baby to earlier:


Gonna be the laziest meal of whatever I can chuck in the oven and then pass out at 8:30 I reckon. It’s cold out so it’s time to listen to mount eerie.

I had this stuck in my head all day and now you can too:


Massive slow banger.

Love the video to this. Adam Buxton made it I think?

(altho the Neptunes-produced *nsync album are secretly fresh as heck)

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Love it Eric. Bangerarama.

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Next time we meet let’s Dolly sing :blush:

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isn’t it Pink Panther?

oh no wait, it’s just Bond James Bond

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I feel oddly alive after having the worst mh day

here is a bop

Theres a full version!

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(“ah this can’t be as good as that one clip”)

[clip is like that from the very start]

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Like the sort of thing you catch yourself doing when you’re hungover/still drunk but in front of thousands of people.

Thanks for observing MM everyone and making it another good one :beers:


Will probably be up all night with heartburn after this.