Menless Monday evening thread. Banger special.



Had dinner really early and now I keep thinking it’s almost bed time. Although if I’m eating at a child’s dinner time, why not bed at a child’s bed time…?

God I feel shite

No serotonin

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I can’t get on board with sitting in the bath while it’s filling up.


Haha I try to be a good citizen so it doesn’t get much more full than that

I mgine the bit when the water first touches your balls is excruciating. Like getting into a swimming pool.

Reckon i might wear gloves and a wooly hat tomorrow. Possibly even a scarf but that’d be more to complete the look than anything functional.

Wot u wearin

  • Hat
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Not yet, eric7. Not yet.

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woof. walked 17,000 steps which is basically an ultra marathon for me. i saw the dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park which was on my 30 before 30 list (was underwhelmed, I thought there would be more of them), had a Yorkshire burrito in Camden (it was decent), went to the Sky Garden (fine) and St Dunstans in the East (absolutely lovely), then started another 30 before 30 goal of going to 7 different Wetherspoons over 7 consecutive days by having a beveragino in the Cannon Street Wetherspoons, then lugged ANOTHER 30 before 30 item (floor lamp) up 6 flights of stairs at Waterloo East and then home.

i’ve not vibed with anything else by Slayyyter but this is my favourite trash banger. i feel skinny when i listen to it, powerful!!


Still in shorts Eric, my boy

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i’m now in bed with my foreign currency folder (most of my October haul arrived today) and a watermelon cider and i’m gonna get some snacks to watch S3E2 of Glow Up which intersects with Pose!

He’s fit tho

Are you supposed to sit in an empty bath and then fill it up?

Have I been doing it wrong all this time?

Think we’ve established you’re supposed to get in on all fours then roll over

Yeah I fancied him and Craig Dean back int day and O.B cos he was like a smart price Matt Willis

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Boobs first iirc

Bit disappointed this isn’t actually in Spanish.

Had to get some of the cold weather cycling gear out but still good for pedestrian activity.