Menless Monday Filth Thread (no cis men posting in here please)

Interested to see if this gets any traction.

Potential talking points:

  • sex/intimacy-related topics do you think aren’t covered enough in the media/on here
  • sexual taboos that disproportionately affect people who aren’t cis men
  • male gaze/porn
  • things you wish cis men knew about sex/intimacy/preferences
  • things you’d like to talk about in a filth thread that you perhaps wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about where cis men can contribute/potentially take over the conversation

I very much like this thread idea but am feeling totally not filthy today :frowning:


Good thread idea


That’s ok! Me too tbqh, Mondays are not a very horny day. Maybe one to come back to on Thursday…


maybe we can just keep this going throughout the week as I wasn’t feeling filthy yesterday, nor now really.

I did do a lot of dream kissing last night but even dream me wasn’t up for more.