Menless Monday - Monday 14th June

Hi mates, it’s the fourth (?) Menless Monday on this coming Monday! As ever, this just means that men are encouraged not to start threads for the day, in order to let women’s interests be more prominent. Men can still post in threads (unless it’s specified as a woman-specific thread). People who identify as non-binary or trans women are not only welcome but encouraged to post and start threads if they feel comfortable - we want to hear you too.

About 90% of active users were men at last count and so MM is a rare opportunity to let the superb women/NB people of DiS dictate the topics of discussion for the day - whether serious, silly, surprising, sensual or Shrek-themed. I would probably suggest that if a new thread isn’t obviously jokey, or it’s otherwise indicated in the OP, then you rein in your impulses to blitz threads with throwaway banter. Save it for Tuesday!

It’s a bittersweet opportunity this time as some of our amazing women/NB posters in the last few months have sadly felt unable to continue posting on here and I’m definitely not alone in missing their expertise, humour, passion, kindness, generosity and warmth :frowning:

See you on Monday!

@whiterussian if you could pin this that would be fab. I don’t know if it’s possible to do across the many boards we now have?


Can confirm. The previous three have been fucking great.

This does mean that I’m gonna miss the Bottom 40 World Cup though.


:frowning: The whole thing won’t take place on one day though, I’ll spread it out over the week.

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Really looking forward to this, going to get my soldiers jacket out and go to war for the Libertines.


On the subject of HGATR, if anyone who isn’t a man has a band or artist they really want to cover (or even if you don’t and just want to pick one from the list) and fancies guest-hosting Monday’s thread then send me a DM (first come first served obv).


Absolutely agreed.


Meatloaf at 8/1 is looking tempting


On MM can I request we have zero LOTR memes posted. Nothing makes me feel more like I’m living inside a teenage boy’s mind than going into the social media thread for something funny or cute and seeing lord of the rings memes.

(sorry I don’t want to police what people post of course, but good grief, I hate them so much)


I feel like this about Simpsons memes, except they’re in every thread :eyes:


There’s something about them that make me feel very uncomfortable that I can’t really put into words, like feeling excluded somehow, i really don’t know what it is but it takes me back to feeling anxious around boys in high school. It’s weird and I wish I could verbalise what it is that makes me feel so eugh.


I think boys particularly at that age, but more immature ones later in life too, dismiss feminised media out of hand and on top of that can be quite aggressively sneery about them. The fanboying of LOTR, Simpsons, superhero movies etc runs concurrent with that I think. I don’t know if that’s something that rings true for you?

Not so much LOTR for me personally, but Simpsons definitely is a huge throwback to being in primary school and boys really dominating conversations with it, references etc. I did belatedly watch and enjoy some of it (and I do love the GameCube games like Hit and Run and Road Rage) but the TV show was so tied up in those origins that I could never love it. I think that’s exacerbated by the main characters - Homer/Bart are the funny ones and Marge/Lisa are pretty bland, to a child anyway; of course as a kid you want to be a Bart and not a Lisa (and I think that was a big draw for the boys who loved it), but as a bookish girl you’re never going to be.

That’s not to say I don’t think anyone should do Simpsons memes and people on here clearly have a huge affinity for the show, but it’s genuinely exhausting sometimes how many there are, especially as I have found complaining about it typically spawns more memes.


I’ve posted about this across our social channels. A wonderful initiative. And a great by-product is a few awful people have unfollowed us because of it.

Facebook: Redirecting...



Find it hilarious how men will actively post about not being OK with this. They must have so many women falling at their feet :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Have very dare anyone tell men to take a day off.

Also, just start a tonne of threads for tomorrow if you find it so offensive.

Might tell them it was a man that started it in the first place.

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someone on the Insta posts is such a coward that they post transphobic stuff but hiding behind an Instagram account set up for their dog


I’m not a man but I didn’t realise I was making people feel uncomfortable with Simpsons/LotR memes. I’ll keep them in the relevant threads from now on. I’m sorry.

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Oh no not at all, they’re totally harmless and I’d never expect anyone not to post them, it’s just a strange response it causes in me for some reason so was just my silly request for a day off them. Please don’t stop posting anything you want to :blush:


Just saw your FB post on my feed. Was quite cool to see “Pervo - Sex President of Barnsley” turn up :smiley: