Menless Monday - Monday 14th June

Oh no not at all, they’re totally harmless and I’d never expect anyone not to post them, it’s just a strange response it causes in me for some reason so was just my silly request for a day off them. Please don’t stop posting anything you want to :blush:


Just saw your FB post on my feed. Was quite cool to see “Pervo - Sex President of Barnsley” turn up :smiley:


Not gonna be around much tomorrow but hope this goes well and doesn’t attract a load of Facebook cunts to the boards. Like I said, the last 3 have been brilliant so this one will be too.


i was mortified tbh :weary: :weary: :weary: but it’s even more embarrassing that something that happens AT MOST biannually and literally amounts to telling the 50 (at most) men who start threads on here to save their threads til Tuesday is making people have shit fits when they’re not even on the boards

you can still post, dingbats!! thee are literally thousands of male-started threads that you can post in if you so wish!!


I wouldn’t mind a stream of Facebook cunts turning up on here and either (a) getting taken down a peg or two or better (b) realising how wrong they are and changing their minds on things. But not tomorrow.


the centrepiece of the day is the group stages of HNGATR: WORLD CUP on the music board. Please do partake! :pray:


Perhaps we should compile an FAQ for these kindsa people?

I’ve got WhatsApp group chats bigger than the audience these tweets have.





I just wrote this in response to someone but decided it might be better to run this by you all before literally mansplaining (especially before I’ve even had a cuppa):

This Menless Monday initiative comes from a place that reminds anyone who was unsure that - quite simply - everyone is welcome.

The community on our forums overwhelmingly support the idea and see it as a positive and welcoming project to do every so often.

Men often dominate the agenda by starting loads of topics (a problem not isolated to our forums). This can drown out other discussions or feel as if the forums are already busy enough to need someone who doesn’t post regularly to start a new topic.

This isn’t about silencing anyone (men are free to reply to the 1000s of active topics on our forums as normal!), it’s about agreeing that every so often, perhaps it’s a good idea to step aside and to stop taking up space - and hopefully a day like today makes some of the more closed shouldered groups on our forums who exchange hundreds of messages every day, a little more mindful of this unintended sensation of exclusion.

TL;DR - This isn’t about anyone “being” crowded out or excluded, it’s about “feeling” included.

This is the 4th time our community have done this and the first time we’ve promoted it.


I think that it’s maybe also worth saying that the forum ‘community’ (which I think exists kind of separately from those who follow and reply on facebook/twitter) overwhelmingly support the idea of Menless Monday and see it as a positive and welcoming initiative.

That might encourage more people to post in the spirit its intended, and discourage those who won’t do so.


Thanks. Have added a second paragraph.

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In fact I’ve used this line already Redirecting...

Good morning!

I haven’t posted on here for a while, I saw the post on Facebook about menless monday so thought I’d come and say hi!


Amazing! Hi MITS! :blush:

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Good morning!

I hate to be THAT person. But I am struggling with the weather! I live above a shop in London with no garden and it’s like a sauna. I think i’m going to take my cat Peggy Lee to the seaside tomorrow. I’m thinking Bournmouth. Never been!


It’s cool and overcast here and has drizzled today.

It’s quite nice after a run of hot and humid days.

I have been awake since 5am due to it being so HOT.

I’m just doing some admin bits I’ve been putting off an then i’m going to make a tofu scramble burrito with an iced coffee.

Was working on the weekend so think i’m going to take my cat Peggy-Lee to the beach tomorrow, i’m thinking Bournmouth. Unless anyone has any recommendations of (quieter) beaches near London! I love Brighton but it gives me so much anxiety when it’s busy and it’s the cats first time on the beach.

Bournemouth is lovely, I went for the first time in September to visit my housemate who moved down there and we had a delightful beach day where we went in the sea. Going again next week (!! that snuck up quickly).

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