Menomena - where art thou?

It’s been 5 years since Moms came out.

Fucking hell time flies.

Where the fuck are they?

Moms ruled. So did Mines.

So full of tunes.

Pique is one of my favourite songs of all time.

Moms was their first slightly disappointing album, for me.

Definitely felt it tailed off towards the end. Also Baton is terrible.

Absolutely love Mines though. THIS


YES! Probably the best song on Mines, but it’s a very strong album overall.

One of my faves of all time myself, that one

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Didn’t they have a falling out?

Brent Knopf left just before Moms, pretty sure they’re okay though?

apparently the bassist joined bloc party a couple of years ago

Yep, he was on The Love Beneath shockingly!

Surprised Moms was considered disappointing. Much prefer it to Friend and Foe.

best song:

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But Friend and Foe has My My on, which is amazing.

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Moms has Heavy is as Heavy Does. Which is amazing.


Love Menomena and have seen them live a few times. There’s some serious sax-action (saxtion) during their live sets. Amazing. Some of my favourite tunes have already been mentioned here (Dirty Cartoons, Tithe, Pique) but I have to mention Wet And Rusting, being the song that introduced them to me.

Apparently there was a new Ramona Falls album (Coils) out earlier in the year, which seems to have passed me by. So that’s my next bit of listening sorted

new Ramona is good, although I haven’t been won over by it like the 1st 2.

When I learned about Justin joining Bloc Party, I assumed they’d be in for a long break, which per I am a Bloc Party fan, yet the album he played on I didn’t even bother with after hearing a track or 2 and not hearing much I cared for.

That being the case, I wonder if him and Danny will get back together soon and do some writing per his Bloc Party schedule not interfering.

I liked MOMS, but I have wondered ever since Brent left if they ever will make an album as good their early records.

Danny Seim has made two great albums over the last couple of years as a band called Pfarmers with the drummer from The National. Their latest ‘Our Puram’ is a definite must for Menomena fans.

Brent Knopf also made that album with Matt Berninger (another Menomena + National). I thought it was a bit dull, tbh.

But yeah, I bloody loved Menomena and miss them terribly.

I didn’t really get much from the music but that is a truly great video.

Only really liked the first record. Mines bored the tits off me :frowning:

Loves me a bit of Menomena. Absolutely adored their debut album and have liked everything they’ve released since.

Here’s me having a chat with Danny after their gig at The Barfly in Camden back in 2007