Mental Maths!

Hi all and happy #MathematicsWeek

How good are you at mental mathematics?

Let’s find out. First person to reply to this with the correct answer will be deemed ‘Smartest Maths Person on DiS’

5 + 13 =?


Well done! You are the Smartest Maths Person on DiS!


Mods can we get a badge for aggpass pls


Get the fuck in. Eat my ass, suckers!


If you’d like more mental maths fun, please read this thread

When I was in year 8 Mr Cushen made me stand up in front of the whole year and went on about how great I was at maths. From this point on I did not develop any further in maths and ended up with very underwhelming grades as a result. (I recounted this story to a colleague on Friday who was growing impatient with my inability to work Excel properly (or do basic counting))

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That’s a classic teaching misstep and if you don’t mind me saying, very typical of Mr Cushen.

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Bloke was an absolute weirdo.

74 - 12 =?

Eighty six!


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1 + 5 / 6 - 7 * 4 = ?

Fucking hell


Just linked Mr Cushen to this thread


Was Mr Cushen a really soft touch?


@TheBarbieMovie2023 how good are you at the numbers rounds? Obviously very fucking good that’s a stupid question, but do you and fellow countdowners resent the numbers because you love letters so much, or is it a welcome change? Are there any mega good letters players who just can’t do numbers, or generally if you’re good at one you’re good at the other?

I almost always get the numbers round but if I get a 6 on the letters rounds I’m delighted. Letters rounds make me feel really thick.

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You’re really proving yourself here, well done my little sausage

@Aggpass you were on countdown too right? What’s your opinion on the above pls

1 + 1 = ?