mental vs physical capacity

How balanced are your mental & physical capacity for things atm?

  • Mentally dominant
  • Physically dominant
  • pretty evenly balanced
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What with having a pretty mentally taxing job and being pretty office bound I’m finding myself out of balance to such an extent that I’m hitting a wall with my mental concentration which I’m pretty convinced is due to a lack of physical exercise rather than mental ability. Or rather, maybe my mental ability is being blocked due to stress which would ordinarily be relieved by/managed through physical exercise - know what I mean?

I’m not struggling with MH or anything like that (thankfully, though I realise it can strike through exhaustion/ a whole number of things) just feel like I’m lacking mental stamina.

tell me about physical exercise routines/regimes that have helped you increase your mental acuity. I need help

cycling chat ALLOWED

I walk my commute, about 50 mins each way, that helps and I really look forward to it and I arrive to work feeling better than I did when I got the bus.

I only have the chance to exercise on Tuesdays so I swim a mile (or two) first thing then I tend to spend most of the morning cleaning which makes my mind feel really clear.

Whenever I needed inspiration for my writing I’d walk around the block and take my phone to record my thoughts and it’d immediately help and I’d feel inspired almost instantly.


I’m mentally just about competent and a physical wreck atm. Really need to address the latter soon.

Loads of studies on walking and writing, sure it applies to mental load more generally too.


having a longish (18 miles each way) cycle commute once a week does absolute wonders for me in this regard. Good exercise hit, but gives me the time/space to gently contemplate things as well.



long distance riding is all about the brain. truly believe that once you’re riding 200km+ regularly, it no longer becomes a physical issue (unless you have major bike fit issues), and becomes more about mental stamina. i do have quite a lot of mental capacity, but i’ve failed a couple of long rides recently (getting the train home instead of riding an extra~ 30km on both occasions, which is silly really, as it’s not even that much ffs!). i need a boost right now :pensive:

oh and i think that long distance cycling has massively improved my mental health and mental capacity. the latter basically non-existent before.




Yeah see - I’ve always been a walker and other than when I was a teen/early 20s lad playing team sports have never done any other gym/running/swimming type regime

used to cycle regularly too but my current job is only a 15min walk from my house so is not really providing ample exercise maybe I need to take a longer route to work & back each day, start there

One for the outdated cultural references but just been reminded of this

none of these are things I’ve regularly done before

my TV is a yoga junkie, I cannot compete with that. Running is a possible. Gyms I hate. Swimming is a possible

I dunno. Feel like I need to find a regular 5/7-a-side game or similar

I think compartmentation is key for me.

It’s very important for me that I work only in the office and do not let it spill out into my private life. Oddly enough, my commute helps with this separation - even if I’m not cycling or running my commute, I find that the 30 minute tube ride helps me disentangle my brain from what’s going on at work, which in turn helps me work in the office.

That might not be the case for everyone (eg freelancers who work from home might like the blurring of boundaries), but it works for me.

It’s definitely the easiest to fit in especially with family and a full on job, plus you can mix it up and bit and almost do circuits…speed it up for a few minutes here and there. Also to properly get the benefits of it fitness-wise you have to make sure you’ve got good posture.

I find swimming the best for meditative sort of mindfulness but only if you do over say 20 minutes and break through the boredom wall which is around then for me anyway (posted in the swimming thread about how the first few long swims sent me under a bit and unlocked lots of old issues but after that it’s just been pure lovely calmness since)

Edit: not at all exercise but having a bedtime routine helped me enormously. I used some meditation apps and get in bed the same time. Leave my phone in another room etc. Not that I practice what I preach currently)


Running marathons, but moreso training for them, having a schedule that I stick to and being completely on autopilot like there’s no choice about going for a run, or how far you go, you just do what the chart says you’re going. Then during long runs I get into a nice rhythm and that, stopped bothering with music or anything like that

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Goals right here^

not only that but if I could get my TV to do the same it would help the whole family - don’t think either of us are wired that way though. I have become much better at it in recent years but this project is kind of making that impossible right now as pretty major deadlines loom nearer. Having said that, I’m gonna majorly fuck up if I don’t keep on top of it so yeah, separation is going to be key

And then football for stuff with other people. Probably play too much atm (3 5-a-side games on a Monday, occasionally 1 on a Thursday, plus 11s on a Sunday) but they’re all at a decent level with gbols

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I mean, I do long hours a lot of the time, but I make sure that once I leave the office, that’s it. It might be at 6.00pm, or it might be at 12.00am, but I would much rather stay in the office to reach a milestone when the alternative is to go home and then work after dinner.

Mental dominant I reckon

I have the capacity to lift some big big weights and train hard at grapplnig and that

I have the capacity (or am forced to) to do important stuff at work, often on v. little sleep, through crazy long hours and some really demoralising shit.

Often think my mind is a stupid guy who is just out to burn me out and push me till I collapse. Dont think my brain is working in my best interest imo.

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I walk 15 minutes to work and 15 back every day, I work in a pretty mentally switched-off job which isn’t taxing but does come with physical elements. I do worry about not using my brain enough, especially seeing as I am prone to low moods, MH issues etc and try and keep it active with puzzles and games at home. I’m trying to do more upper body exercise too as a lot of my issues are image related so it’s something I think goes hand in hand for me.

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yeah, I really admire this

unfortunately, with 2 kids, a TV who freelances and has no control whatsoever over her severe deadlines and working a stonesthrow from home this isn’t a luxury afforded me