Menthol Cigarette Ban

Load of shite really, isn’t it?

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Inevitable, but yeah - ridiculously bad “logic”
Would be somehow more palatable if they said Yeah we hate fags and we’re going to take these ones away because it won’t cause much uproar and we’ll just carry on in that way until they’re banned outright, cool?


Don’t you mean

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“Some smokers are said to believe menthol cigarettes are safer than other tobacco products, but there has been no evidence to back that up.”

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who believes that, young people might smoke them as they don’t taste as powerful.

Also, just ban them all ffs.

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So what will the other click cigarette option be now? Just normal / normal?

Maybe something to deter people further?

Normal / actual dogshit


It triggers the filter to show a hologram of Matt Hancock looking concerned


Cool Dorito flavour


Just when I thought I was out…

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Think seeing as the ball’s well and truly rolling off the cliff of preventing access to healthcare, the “lifestyle” illnesses (that are easily as structural as they are down to individual responsibility) being removed from NHS looms ever closer.

were quite nice for when you had the cold


I’m extremely anti smoking but banning them all would be a disaster.

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Hold up, are you suggesting a total tobacco ban?


Read this as Menthol Cigarette Ben and assumed it was some sort of office colleague chap, so disappointed.

Yeah thought it was a menthol idea


Tbh I think a full tabacco ban is a good idea, bit it’ll have to be done on such a long timetable to make it work

This happened in the US a while back under the guise of discouraging youth smoking, but with the extra facet that 80% of African American smokers smoked menthols. Don’t know if there’s any similarity here.

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