"Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow – his legal name"


This is just absolutely ridiculous




At least he doesn’t have problems with his username being taken when he signs up for something.


Point of order. I believe only @Epimer is allowed to post this shit?


He’ll be hearing from my lawyers.


You’d think so, wouldn’t you.


Christ alive what a helmet


He should get a cycle helmet implanted into his head.


(@Epimer, you can now post a cycle helmet and we’ll be all square) :kissing_closed_eyes:


Don’t Aussies have those machines to scan cards / chips like inspectors use in London?


6.1% DDH.


Wasn’t there a Monty Python sketch spoofing election night broadcasts where all the candidates had ludicrous names? Maybe he was one of them.


Massive fan of this level of pointless biohacking

“Ah but now I can scan in with my hand.”

“Yep I have a card for that too!”

“…but now I have more room in my wallet aha!”

“Yep that’s… I mean that’s okay I guess”


Yes. It’s ridiculous. “I can’t be bothered lugging this 0.76 mm thick card around all day! Rather have something inserted into my body.”


It’s harmless fun but I can’t approve of it because it seems to attract the absolute worstcunts


Yes. I thought it sounded like he offered his hand to scan and the inspector (maybe understandably) was concerned it was some kind of trick?


total weapon obviously but I kinda respect how he’s really owned it. like taken being a bell REALLY seriously.




And I thought when we all cut the chips out our oysters and glued them to the backs of our watches was LEET HAXX0R COOL but this guy is like the Fonz!