Mercredi L'thread


On the train to work, someone’s let rip with an absolute belter of a guff, they’re sat here somewhere silently marvelling.

Lots of meetings this morning, early finish.

Et tu?

Going to bake a cake as it is my ATDWIAMHM’s* birthday tomorrow. I love baking cakes and I quite like my ATDWIAMHM.

*ATD who is also my housemate


It’s a Marilyn Manson gym playlist kind of morning. Good times.


Back to work. Really not keen on being outside, but there we are.

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Waiting for doctor to call me, really don’t understand this new Ask My GP service and how it’s saving anyone time.

Really hope my chai gets delivered today.

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Bon matin à tous

Je suis tres fatigée, je me suis réveillé à quatre heures avec le petit réveil.



Morning all.

The bastard cat woke me up at 4am. I kicked him out, and then it immediately started throwing it down so I felt sorry for him and let him back in. Then my one superpower - being able to fall back to sleep under any circumstances - failed me so I watched a bunch of Seinfeld while throwing angry glances at a smug looking Mr Socks. So tired.

Hope you’re all well.


Off to work in a minute. Just enjoying a cuppa with The Octonauts


Je suis desole, mon Francais ces ne pas bon. Parle vous Anglais?

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Un petit peut

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I like how your cat acted an utter bastard and yet is called Mr Socks, pretty much the most innocuous name possible.

Take care today Horse… A day on little sleep is no fun.


battled a classic fenland headwind on the way in. Is it hometime yet?

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Baby has been very unsettled in the evenings recently. Got her to sleep at midnight after a lot of effort. She woke again at 5 for a change/feed and that’s my threshold for being unable to get back to sleep before work so I’ve been up since then :sleeping:

On the plus side, she conked out again so I got in an hour of vidya before starting work early so I can finish early.

Three days left, can hardly face it. Give me strength.

…i need a coffee

Dunno. Assumed since you set the seasons you were in charge of all time as well.

Also, she had her first vaccinations yday so has been on the Calpol. Been years since I’ve smelled that sweet nectar!

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Oui, je parle anglais aussi, plus bon que je parle francais en fait!

Good morning all

I am very tired, I woke up at four with the little alarm clock.


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A day of training on an automation system that might put a lot of my colleagues out of work, so really not feeling it.

Still shattered from the party on Saturday.
Everything is terrible. :sob::confounded:

Have to say that lemon thyme beetroot doughnut was good. Not quite 4 pound good. Maybe £3.25

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you paid four pounds for a doughnut?

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