Mercury Prize 2017


I see a pattern forming. A sadly inevitable chain of events leading to a catastrophic conclusion.

Brexit-> Trump voted in -> Ed Sheeran wins Mercury music prize -> Nuclear world war -> End of days.

starts to write bucket list


Sampha > Glass Animals > Loyle Carner > The Big Moon for me.

Sampha taps into the same vibe I love James Blake for. I wanted to like the Stormzy record more but I find it really patchy. I don’t get the love on here for Jane Weaver, she just reminds me of Stereolab but not as good.

Can I tell my Big Moon anecdote in here? I can’t imagine any other opportunity coming up… I saw them support The Antlers last year at Shepherds Bush and I was sat up on the balcony in seats behind the band’s parents. It was a great live show made even better by seeing the joy and pride of the parents witnessing their kid’s dreams coming true. They all seemed quite overwhelmed by the audience’s response to the band.


I used to LOVE Stereolab, and but haven’t listened to me for ages. R2 played a track off Transient… last week and it reminded me how good they are, and though I agree she sounds similar, I think she is good in her own right.

Live, Stereolab were really something as well.


I like the Jane Weaver album a lot more than most of the records on the shortlist but I think it is less interesting than her last couple of records. Those were really varied while this one locks into that Stereolab/Broadcast sound and doesn’t go anywhere.


Bump as it’s tonight.

Still think Sampha will win.


Is it? Oh. Yeah he’ll probably win


Can’t really see a winner outside of him, Stormzy or Kate Tempest anyway (will undoubtedly be proven wrong tonight)

That Glass Animals album really is good.


I kinda forgot who got nominated, remember being thoroughly OUTRAGED tho.

We never did Neptune awards, @sean!!!


Here’s your outrage reminder!




Actually like xx album most but that’s not saying a lot


I think Glass Animals are pretty good odds at 12/1


Strange, it looks like they’re now the favourites after being 12/1 yesterday


Genuinely never seen/heard anything worse than Kate Tempest. Massively embarrassing.


Absolutely terrible


This guy’s got Mercury Prize Winner written all over him…


Fucking hell, that Glass Animals shite was almost as bad as Kate. Terrible stuff.



What on earth!