Mercury Prize 2017



You know what I mean.


OK - I don’t think it’s good. The political moaning bores me and I don’t think there’s any real passion in the performance.

My favourite Peej involves howling about sex and violence or eternal heartbreak.


2000 - Coldplay - Parachutes
2001 - *PJ Harvey - Stories from the City…
2002 - Seriously, can’t even pick anything from this year
2003 - Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner
2004 - Snow Patrol - The Final Straw
2005 - Bloc Party - Silent Alarm / The Go! Team - Thunder Lightning Strike
2006 - Hot Chip - The Warning
2007 - Jamie T - Panic Prevention
2008 - Burial - Untrue
2009 - The Horrors - Primary Colours
2010 - Foals - Total Life Forever
2011 - James Blake - James Blake
2012 - Jessie Ware - Devotion
2013 - Jon Hopkins - Immunity
2014 - *Young Fathers - Dead
2015 - Jamie XX - In Colour
2016 - David Bowie - Blackstar


It’s not terrible but I think it’s a bit polished and not as exciting as some of her better ones.


The Big Moon - ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’
Glass Animals - ‘How To Be A Human Being’
Sampha - ‘Process’
Stormzy - ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’
Loyle Carner - ‘Yesterday’s Gone’
alt-J - ‘RELAXER’
The xx - ‘I See You’
Kate Tempest - ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’
J Hus - ‘Common Sense’
Blossoms - ‘Blossoms’
Dinosaur - ‘Together, As One’
Ed Sheeran - ‘Divide’




Yeah KLO not even nominated, not really a great list but I like The Big Moon and Glass Animals albums


Goodness shit.


Kate Tempest can seem pretty awful but I saw her perform Let them eat chaos live and it was astonishingly good.



Probably the worst shortlist yet. Nothing there worthy of winning.


2007 was maybe worse. This is pretty poor though


imagine nominating fucking Ed Sheeran.

Blossoms can get to fuck as well.


They won’t give it to a grime artist two years in a row but Stormzy is streets ahead of everything on that list.


Snap prediction for who will win: Sampha


fuck’s sake :frowning:


I think Let Them Eat Chaos is genuinely great though. As for Ed Sheeran, is an album still British when its co-written by a bunch of Americans?


the big moon eh, fair dos. might finally get round to getting that album. saw them a few years ago and they were good fun. defo wont win tho


this argument happens most years. lots of people said that i am a bird now (which, as discussed above, is about the most worthy winner the award has ever had) shouldn’t have been nominated because anohni is based in the states.


my love is cool is amazing and i’m 100% with you


‘Lots of people’ - i.e. Kaiser Chiefs