Mercury Prize 2017


2000 - Badly Drawn Boy - The album’s a shambles but it’s a lovely shambles and some of the songs are excellent.*
2001 - PJH*/ Radiohead - Stories probably hols up as an album better but Amniesiac is more interesting.
2002 - The Streets - Absolutely of its time. The Ms Dynamite album had some better songs but it had more dross filler too.
2003 - Dizzee Rascal* - I love the Martina album but it isn’t anywhere near as exciting.
2004 - Dunno - Weak year.
2005 - I have to admit I haven’t heard I Am A Bird Now (I find their voice a bit too overwhelming most of the time) so it’d probably be Arular.
2006 - Arctic Monkeys* - Again, totally of its time and very accomplished.
2007 - Klaxons*/ Arctic Monkeys - Full of inventive pop songs/ full of better songs than the debut. I love Basquiat Strings but it’s not the best album of the list.
2008 - Burial - Don’t think it’s an amazing album (I preferred Burial) but from that list streets ahead in terms of originality.
2009 - Florence? I like Two Suns but it drifts a bit; I love The Invisible but some of the album is a bit boring. There was definitely an identity to Lungs.
2010 - Laura Marling/ The xx* - LM does narrative songwriting so well. The xx have a really clear vision for what they sound like but it gets a bit dull after half the album.
2011 - I have no idea. LES was the last PJH album I bought and it really saddened me - the politics bored me to tears. Quite like some of Anna Calvi and Ghostpoet but neither changed my life; James Blake didn’t really deliver.
2012 - Jessie Ware? - I’m struggling now.
2013 - Laura Mvula is the only one I’ve heard.
2014 - Young Fathers* - Exciting and excited.
2015 - Wolf Alice is really weak in places and Jamie xx disappears into Popclub a bit too often. Really didn’t rate Syro.
2016 - If all of The Bride sounded like Sunday Love, that’d be my favourite album ever. Konnichiwa is fucking weak and I think Kano should have retired before Made In The Manor was a realistic album. The Comet Is Coming is good but jazz will never the Mercury.

This was hard.


I just got back from Spain. We had a hire car over there. There was a song that was heavily featured on the radio station we had on in the car. That song was Youth by Glass Animals. I’ve never heard the album but Youth is a good song. As for the rest of the list I don’t like any of the featured albums. Is British music really this bad at present?!


No but that’s because I’m an adult


Awful, awful list. Worst I can ever emember.

Congratulations all round to the voting panel.


I hope I never grow up enough to stop being excited about records I love.




Hold on a minute… has she not made the short list!? Ah well fuck it, not interested anymore, as you were


Holy fuck! Blossoms!!!

Sampha is the only one on there I have any time for. Sampha for the win


Their best list since Kid A


No, there’s plenty of good music around (as there always is)




Can’t say it better than this.


You know what, I completely missed J Hus on there. Definitely a good album and have been on it all summer. Very much “of the moment” in UK music with the bashment influences.

Seems to have a had a lot of crossover appeal in the US and general hip-hop circles too, dunno if that will sway the judges but it probably helped Skepta last year.

Still Sampha for me though, Clive.


This tweet is very yr da or maybe yr bf


Wasted valuable minutes reading that…


good to see rockist attitudes alive and well in 2017


Mmm…yeah I find the Sampha record a bit …earnest ?

J Hus record is loads of understated fun & some really sharp lyrical couplets

Don’t imagine either of them will win though


Sampha has a fair chance, debut album, good reviews.


Fits the Mercury winning profile of ‘urban’ but not TOO ‘urban’. Better him than some of the dire landfill indie and posh boy alt-rock that makes up a lot of the list.


2000: Leftfield - Rhythm and Stealth (really poor list)
2001: Radiohead - Amnesiac
2002: The Streets - Original Pirate Material
2003: Lemon Jelly - Lost Horizons
2004: Franz Ferdinand -Franz Ferdinand
2005: MIA - Arular
2006: Artic Monkeys - WPSIATWIN*
2007: Jamie T - Panic Prevention
2008: Radiohead - inRainbows (good year tho)
2009: The Horrors - Primary Colours (awful tho)
2010: The XX - XX*
2011: PJ Harvey - Let England Shake* (that King Creosote album tho!)
2012: Alt-J - Awesome Wave* (fuck the haters!)
2013 Jon Hopkins - Immunity
2014 FKA Twigs - LP1 (very good year tho)
2015 Aphex Twin - Syro
2016 Anohni - Hopelessness​

This year seems pretty on par actually. Not great but no way near as bad as some people have been saying. Probably level with last year.