Mercury Prize 2017


With you on the King Creosote / Jon Hopkins album, just sublime. Probably my favourite discovery through the mercury, even above I Am a Bird Now.


And poor comma use


Can we start an alternative mercury thread a Neptune award thread?


I’ve seen many, many worse Mercury lists than this one. Massive overreactions all round.

Agreed though there isn’t a single artists I’d be excited to see win. That Glass Animals record is super fun though, that’d be a blast.


I think everyone is so angry about Ed Sheeran that it has clouded everyone’s judgement


It’s not so much what’s on it as what’s not. A missed opportunity to highlight some much more interesting records.

I don’t have a problem with Sheeran- that’s so far out of my musical compass that it might as well be on another planet. I’m more annoyed at rubbish like Blossoms and Alt-J supposedly representing ‘alternative’ music while artists like Richard Dawson, Kelly-Lee Owens and Jane Weaver miss out on the exposure.


DiS is doing a thing about this today:


I’m not calling shenanigans but its interesting how Kate Tempest was a judge last year and Jessie Ware (one of this years judges) co-wrote a song on the Ed Sheeran album


I’m not a fan of Kate Tempest but her album had lots of critical praise and it’s the sort of thing the Mercury loves (and she got shortlisted for her debut). As for Ed Sheeran, they’ve nominated Coldplay and Mumford & Sons in the past.


Me too. Same reason I can’t get onboard with Kate Tempest. All a bit humourless.


Uh oh


how does anyone write about music?


No idea really, it’s all so subjective. I’ve just…always done it?


Mumford & sons/Coldplay are like Radiohead compared to ed Sheeran


it’s good that people are putting the thought into it and doing the heavy lifting but I feel it’s much easier to make music than appraise it.


Well yeah, though I’m pretty sure the reactions to X&Y (which was shortlisted) weren’t great at the time


I bought X&Y and Get Behind Me Satan on the same day. The latter wasn’t an amazing album, but X&Y still never got a look in. Yawn.


The Loyle Carner album is quite good btw, friends.


Surprised Arcade Fire didn’t make the list


Yeah, differs from person to person I guess. As you know I do both and go through periods pf doing one more than the other!