Mercury Prize 2017


if you like Rizzle Kicks, sure




nah, he’s alright I guess, just not my kind of thing. good kid, apparently.


Aye, he seems sound. It’s not a great record or anything but there’s enough good on there to bump it into “quite good” territory which is more than I can say for the rest of the list (Sampha and Stormzy have got some decent stuff on their records as well tbf)


Don’t always need to take the easy option, Bam!


I reckon Big Moon are well worth a tenner bet. Hadn’t given the album much time until they got the nod and absolutely loving it. Definitely one for fans of Smith-y indie, lots of sharp lyrics and smart shifts


Yeah I like them.


They won’t win.


quite like this Glass Animals one


Can’t see them taking it, but It really is a great album of really well written songs. got properly hooked on it for a while after seeing them back in April.


Depressing list. Does Ed Sheeran have to be nominated for everything? The bloke will be winning MOBO’s next.


Like this:

The Alt-Js - Relaxinger

“It’s got some songs on it and stuff, none of them as roof eradicating as The Impression That I Get.” 4/10.


got bored with glass animals.

big moon is good ish tho


I listened to that a few months back, it made me happy but wouldn’t want to hear it all the time


If this isn’t sarcasm, he was nominated for Best UK Male, Best Album & Best Song at the MOBO awards 5 years ago. He was also called the most powerful man in urban music by BBC Radio 1Xtra



Oh wow…


I mean all music is music of black origin.

But Ed Sheeran…


I think the bst period of the mmp was the 90s for me, but maybe the period that really formed my music tastes. How about that period picking your best albums from the shortlists. I listened to all the albums is year and the alt-j relaxer album is the best by far. I couldn’t really tolerate the others, sorry, but the blossoms album is ok.


I feel like Desperate Journalist or Rose Elinor Dougall or some other more guitarish band with a good album deserved a vote, ah well Big Moon got one I guess they’re ‘decent’.