Mercury Prize 2017


I like Big Moon, but it’s slightly tempered by the fact I was around for that kind of grunge the first time so it takes a lot to impress me. Loyle Carner is decent enough. Stormzy album is great, but I would be amazed at 2 Grime wins in a row.

Sampha is odds on favourite and that doesn’t surprise me. It is decent, but yes, earnest is right actually (I think someone said this).

Still need to check J Hus out.


But no Jane Weaver! It’s a great LP FFS.


I’m going to listen through all of these. Expecting to not really enjoy any, so that’ll be fun.


Odd how Elbow aren’t even in this.

Fucking Ed Sheeran man… ugh.


I think if they are done to death like elbow they prob don’t get nominated as the elbow albums are quite similar. But don’t get me wrong, musically all elbow stuff is fantastic


Yeah, it’s a bit vague. I think it should either be the absolute best albums that year, or just the best debuts. These lists are always somewhere in between.


The Big Moon | Love in the 4th Dimension

It’s all just fine isn’t it? Found it a bit of a slog. Frequent changes of pace were very welcome, but the overall tone is fairly dreary and uninspiring. The singer is very much in the mould of Justine Frischmann (was she the first to do that very English flat vocal style? It’s Nico-esque but less theatrical), in the way The Long Blondes are, only without the intensity and song craft.

Favourite song was probably the closer ‘The End’, which was surprisingly upbeat after some full-on downers.

Very much doubt I’d listen to this again.


ye thuis


Glass Animals | How To Be A Human Being

Well how do you do Mr ProvemewrongMercuryMusicPrizelist? I thoroughly enjoyed this. Bursting with new ideas, loads of great sounds, well paced, well performed, well produced, nice. It’s an original sound blending pop, indie and hip hop, and it sounds really fresh.

Wasn’t expecting anything like this, so I’m most pleased.


I kind of avoided this one so far, because I found their first album just a bit bloody dull. It was one of those ones where I liked what I heard single-wise, but then a whole album of it was just so boring.


I’ve never heard anything by them before but as I said was pleasantly surprised. Lots of ideas.


I like the Glass Animals album too, might have a chance of winning actually. They’re surprisingly pretty big in America as well, the album went top 20 there.


give it alex rex


Can we start a Neptune thread?


I said this on facebook but I’ll repeat myself here. The mastering on this album is really bad, no dynamics at all, every single part of the band has been turned to the exact same volume, kills a lot of the songs on the record :frowning:
The music comes across much better live


Gave the Glass Animals album a try - it’s pretty good


Have listened to Glass Animals and The Big Moon since the nominees were announced. Both great albums. Not heard the stormzy album. Is the track he did with Little Mix on the album?!
As for Sheeran he’s like Mick Hucknell but worse.


No, the Little Mix/Stormzy song is on the former’s album


This makes a lot of sense, I find them really fun and engaging live but can’t make it through more than a few tracks on the album.


Saw them at EOTR last year and was underwhelmed really. Don’t think the album will be for me.