🎤 Mercury Prize - The best of the rest (2001) 🎤

Current winners:

1995 - Tricky - Maxinquaye
2009 - The Horrors - Primary Colours
2011 - Metronomy - The English Riviera
2017 - The xx - I see you

For those of you not familiar. The Mercury prize is an annual award celebrating the best of British and Irish talent.
The idea of the thread is to pick the album that deserves second place!

This time we are looking at 2001
In 2001 the award was won by PJ Harvey for stories from the city, stories from the sea.
According to wiki Gorillaz were nominated for their self titled album, but withdrew from the competition which is weird because I thought you had to pay a fee to be considered. Anyone know the story behind it?

Anyway here are the nominees. Vote for up to 3 and results will be on Monday.

  • Basement Jaxx - Rooty
  • Elbow - Asleep in the back
  • Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain
  • Gorillaz - Gorillaz
  • Ed Harcourt - Here be monsters
  • Tom McRae - Tom McRae
  • Radiohead - Amnesiac
  • Susheela Raman - Salt Rain
  • Super Furry Animals - Rings around the world
  • Turin Brakes - The Optimist LP
  • Zero 7 - Simple things
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Gorillaz > Amnesiac any day of the week. YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE BLEEP BLOOP FANZ


What a year*

Voted Felt Mountain but would like to make it known that I adore the Radiohead, Super Furries, Elbow and Gorillaz albums too.

*I was 13 in 2001 so of course I think that


As if Gorrilaz and Amnesiac came out around the same time


Actually a pretty good year.

The first two Basement Jaxx albums are landmarks in British dance music, and just completely perplexingly underrated, so I’ll be voting for Rooty. But with the benefit of hindsight that Gorillaz record is incredibly ‘important’, and probably should have won (if they’d stayed in contention).

Also Rings Around The World is mega. Almost flawless. And Asleep in the Back is veeeeerrrry good, even if I later got totally sick of Elbow.


Good grief. Elbow and SFA are two favourites of my teenage years but Rdiohead, Gorrilaz and Goldfrapp make this very hard.

Going Elbow because I still think it’s a lot more interesting, passionate and varied than the comparisons to Coldplay made it seem at the time

Edit: didn’t realise it was three votes, chucked SFA and Goldfrapp in

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Elbow and Gorillaz for just quality, Basement Jaxx cos I need to listen to them more and couldn’t give RH a vote for that album

Newborn is a better song than anything on any of the winning albums so far

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seeing Radiohead in the list really takes me back, whatever happened to those lads?


Aha, finally a year that I can use three votes for.

I remember seeing an advert for the Tom McRae album and being instantly impressed by it. The album was/is great, and is probably the only time that I will ever discover a musician from an advert.

Ed Harcourt’s Here Be Monsters was very good too. Hadn’t realised it was Mercury nominated.

and then went for Elbow as my third choice. I was a bit of a johnny-come-lately and bought it when they added the Asleep In The Back track to it, which I loved. But also Any Day Now was such an amazing and different song (at least to me back then), and was very different from anything else on the radio.

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Easy three for me

Super Furry Animals

Elbow just missing out.

That Zero 7 album brings back too many memories of an old relationship… :grimacing:


Gonna controversially back turin brakes because that album is actually damn good.

Unfairly dismissed in my opinion but it was a strong list so i could have gone for loads of others.


Yeah I’ve voted for it (also Elbow and Basement Jaxx). I’ll be in the cold cold ground before I ever vote for Amnesiac.


Super Furry Animals (not their best but not far off)
Goldfrapp (not their best but good)
Elbow (still their best)

Hon. mention to Turin Brakes because a: no one else will, b: they’re a GBOL and c: that first album is p. dece.

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Didn’t read the 2 posts above yours eh? Very lazy imo.


I started typing that post 20 minutes ago and got distracted by my partner leaving for London.
Very poor form on my part!

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In fact to atone for my sins I am formally swapping Goldfrapp (Sorry!) out for Turin Brakes.

The 'frapp have loads better albums but I can’t in all seriousness say the same for TB.

Radiohead and Gorillaz are the only good albums on there.

Poll closes at Midday

This has made me want to listen to Basement Jaxx properly

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Can’t seem to vote?