🎤 Mercury Prize - The best of the rest (2017) 🎤

No, it’s the kids that are wrong #meme

I reckon even the artists’ mums have forgotten about most of these records

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Stormzy record’s the only one of these that left a significant mark really.

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Went for J Hus and Stormzy as two good records in the genre, though I don’t know either of them really well. But both very talented artists who’ve done great shit at least

Nothing beyond that though, what a year

Don’t think I’ve listened to any of those albums. Think I’m happy with that. Also abstaining.

Yep and not a bad listen.

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Didn’t expect that winner!? new year incoming. its a strong one!

It’s funny that Dinosaur Jr had to change their name from Dinosaur in the 80s because of legal action from another band and then years later a jazz band can get away with it.

I think Snow Patrol had a similar thing with their original name Polar Bear, having to change it because someone from Janes Addiction had a band with the same name, and now there’s a jazz band called that too.

Jazz bands are allowed to call themselves anything and no one cares, is what I’ve learned.


Crikey! Thought LC would walk it.

Also poor Blossoms 0% :grimacing:

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I played Dinosaur in the car yesterday and the stereo came up with a photo of Dinosaur Jr. So close.

Last FM tells me I’ve listen to The Big Moon a few times including last year. I have no recollection of this happening.

Could it be their newer one? I remember that being good and getting some buzz

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Yep and the one in this list :man_shrugging: