Mercury Rev - Deserter's Songs 20th Anniversary

Playing some nice smaller venues, nice to see a few Irish shows outside of Dublin. Just got my tix for Dolans :slight_smile:

Gave the album a listen for the 1st time in an age last night, holds up really well.

Got my tickets for Bangor this morning.
It’s going to be brilliant!

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Will probably see them in Cork, maybe in Limerick too.

Didn’t like Donahue as a frontman when I saw them but they’re playing in a church across the road from a favourite pub of mine so why not go I suppose.

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No London date…weird?

As good a reason as any. Same for me basically. It’d be rude not to go :slight_smile:

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very odd dates. Am I missing something here or are they ignoring the England completely (and Wales but that’s a given)

He’s a great frontman ! What don’t you like about him ? I love all the theatrics and showmanship shit…

Grasshopper said on twitter they are ‘Not as of yet’ adding any more UK dates. Make of that what you will.

I dislike his wishy-washy statements and him jumping around and hiding behind amps and monitors like some cross between Golllum and a frog.

Weird tour. Guess they’ll do some festivals

being the prince of prance you should like all the jumping around surely :grinning:

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I’ve been done there!

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Irish shows sold out pretty quick eh?

Love how regularly they play Deserter’s songs in its entirety. The shows are amazing though

Anyone been to any of the shows they’ve done so far? I’m going later this week. Can’t believe they’re covering Here! It’s a pretty brief set though.

Saw them last week. Really stripped back show. Jonathan chatted charmingly about how they wrote Deserter’s Songs & they play a few covers which he also provides some context on. Here was lovely.
Opus 40 was worth admission fee on it’s own, but the whole evening was great.
The gig was only just over an hour… but well worth seeing, especially if in a small venue.


100% agree. Saw them in Bangor (NI) and they were superb. Great little intros/info on the tracks and the 3 covers they did were brilliant. Spoke to them after the gig and Jonathon is a great lad.

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