Merging when there are two lanes and one stops (Driving)

So, you’re on a two lane carriageway and there’s a sign at the side of the road saying that the left-hand lane will end in 800 yards. The left hand lane ends because of roadworks and only one lane (the right-hand lane) then leads onto the roundabout immediately beyond the works.The left-hand lane is entirely empty because everyone has decided that it’s important to get into the right-hand lane immediately.

Important point, the left-hand lane is a proper lane. It’s not the hard shoulder. There are no other signs instructing you.

Do you…

  • Make sure you immediately join the long queue in the right-hand lane as soon as you see the sign, regardless of the fact that you’re then leaving 800yds of left-hand lane empty
  • Use the left-hand lane for a little while but ensure that you merge with the right-hand lane within a hundred yards or so of seeing the sign
  • Use the left-hand lane for as long as your nerve holds perhaps half the length of the empty lane before slowing, indicating and then attempting to merge with the waiting traffic.
  • Use the left-hand lane until it ends and then patiently wait to merge into the right-hand lane

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If you are one of the people who gets into the right-hand lane immediately do you so because:

  • It’s the correct way to behave. Using the left-hand lane beyond the sign is unethical, it amounts to queue-jumping
  • It’s perceived as the correct way to behave and even though I’m not sure it’s queue-jumping I know that’s how other’s think and I’d rather not have the hassle
  • I’m not sure really, I think I just follow the herd

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If you use the left-hand lane for more than a hundred yards or so or until it ends do you do so thinking

  • This is the correct way of doing things, it’s best to use both lanes because the line is wider rather than longer and surely helps congestion further back
  • I’m not sure which way is correct but it’s better for me this way
  • I know I’m in the wrong, I jump queues, so sue me

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And finally, if you’re a right-hand queuer what’s your reaction to drivers passing you in the left-hand lane as you sit patiently

  • Good luck to them, I wish I was doing that
  • Who the hell do they think they are? Is this how they behave in supermarket queues
  • I’m going to try and cover both lanes to stop these bastards doing it

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Definitely ‘cricket’ potential with this thread Saps, good work.


These questions have been phrased in the correct way.


Every driver on the road except for me is a fucking idiot who doesn’t know what they’re doing and doesn’t deserve happiness.


Last question needs a barge option

Nothing is guaranteed to wind me up more than this situation when I’m driving.

I’d probably just go into the right lane some thirty seconds later or just whenever I felt like it, dwiw

I have stopped my car and got out to berate a driver who refused to let me merge into the traffic. Ooo I was fuming

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People should use the full length of the lane that is closing because if people start merging earlier, it kind of has a ‘zip’ effect where the merge point moves backwards and it enables people to queue jump. Merge in turn at the point where the road is closing, and keep moving forward if possible.


It’s weird but everyone who drives is a massive cunt other than me.


I like how whoever tells a driving anecdote is the only safe driver in the world

  • Good luck to them, I wish I was doing that
  • Who the hell do they think they are? Is this how they behave in supermarket queues?
  • I’m going to try and cover both lanes to stop these bastards doing it.
  • I live on a barge, so these questions aren’t relevant to me

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Very original contribution to the thread, thank you

My pleasure.

I think “KanyeEast” might be my favourite maosm alt

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“I am going to stop this cunt from merging in even if it costs me my no claims bonus and possibly even a limb”


What winds you up in particular?

What is it that @BunniesOnSmack and @OatieLoaf are used for?

Christ knows, but it does.

I would prefer a Friday murder mystery, but this thread is a good second best.