Merging when there are two lanes and one stops (Driving)

Left (in saps’ example) lane users

You ever had some self-righteous bellend trying to block you by positioning themselves across both lanes?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Shit poll this.

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I changed the route I drive into work because there’s often a queue off the motorway that stretches back so far that you can’t tell when you first see it if the queue is for the left hand lane (don’t care) or the right hand lane (mine).

It’s almost always for the left hand lane so I’m fine to drive on a bit and join the queue for my lane in half a mile. Except for the one time it wasn’t, and I had to merge into this mile long queue right at the end of it (because I can’t just stop on the motorway) and I still haven’t fully recovered from feeling the focused hatred of one hundred drivers staring at the back of my head and thinking “who the fuck does this prick think he is?”.

Giving Jordan shit? Worth it then.

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Cheeky little “go right round the roundabout to turn left in order to avoid a massive queue” manoeuvre?

  • Ooh go on then, don’t mind if I do.
  • You are literally satan.

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Jumping on a squirrel’s head is probably legal but would you do it?


If it would guarantee my getting to where I’m going more quickly, absolutely.

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Is it legal though? You work in squirrel law, don’t you?

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Lorry drivers often do this in my experience

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As you said, probably.

zxcvbnm has many of the same peccadilloes as a long distance lorry driver, if you know what I mean.

Alright, Clarkson.

‘Undertaking’ a bellend who is doing a steady 60 in the outside lane despite there being nothing in the other lane

  • Yep - every time
  • Yep - but only after copious amounts of hand-wringing and headlight flashing
  • Never - the Highway Code forbids it

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Normally I’ll give them a flash, but if it broadly safe to do so I might just undertake.


Indicating at a roundabout when there’s nobody behind you.

  • Obviously indicate, do I look like some kind of cunt to you, pal?
  • I am the only person on the road that matters

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Last night some fucking prick did this to me.

Middle of the night, no one around, can see and it’s safe…

  • Run a red light
  • Don’t run a red light

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they think they’re fucking batman or something