Used to be the go-to wizard name but not so much anymore


I used to work with a guy called Merlin.


I liked the Saturday evening TV show about him, but not many others did, I don’t think.


I used to work with a guy called Mervin


Anyone used to work with a Marvin who could keep this going?


my kids loved it at the time - seemed like decent Saturday tea time stuff


My friend Steve’s dad is called Mervyn


Not sure where to go from that, unless anyone knows a Pervyn.




Used to work in the call centre for Merlin Entertainments. Treated the staff like shit and made you work longer than your contracted hours without reward. Hope those girls from the Smiler crash rinse them for all they’re worth.


My parents’ new puppy might be called Merlin.


What IS the go to wizard name now?








merlin streep




I worked with a guy whose middle name was Galahad.

Found this out when he had to testify in court.


Aren’t you Galahad you found this out?

Doesn’t work