Merry christmas DiS


Merry Christmas everyone xxx

End of year stats thread

Merry Christmas!


meerry chrismaaaaaaaaaa


Merry christmas all :slight_smile:



I hope everyone has a brilliant day. Have fun. Merry Christmas.


:champagne: :christmas_tree: :snowman: M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S :fireworks: :turkey: :gift:


merry christmas

:santa::gift::christmas_tree::dove::dancer::beers::wine_glass::tropical_drink::champagne::chocolate_bar: :candy: :turkey::cheese::star2::snowman::snowman2::snowflake:


Oh my, your emoji christmas looks a lot more fun than mine!




Christmas was yesterday bozos


J/k have a good one troops


Merry DiSmas you lovely lovely buggers xxx


Merry Christmas ya filthy animals :snowman_with_snow:️:cocktail::gift::clinking_glasses::tumbler_glass::kissing_heart:


merry xmas everybody :blush:

do we all feel festive yet? I don’t know if I do. I’ve heard less festive songs this year than any other and I think that’s the problem.

sat here listening to Dinosaur Jr. in a four-poster bed :smile: proper silly, this.


My mate driving us home from the pub couldn’t even find any Christmas songs on the radio. Ah well. Happy Christmas everyone👍


Love y’all x


i hope you all have a christmas


merry christmas, everyone. hope you all have a lovely day, wherever you are and whatever you’re up to! x


might put some Bob Dylan (alright @Lo-Pan !) . don’t feel like going to sleep yet.