Message Board Games

Hey everyone!

You know how you guys like quizzes and games, but AQOS just doesn’t give you the rush that it used to? Well how about trying some new Message Board Games lol !?

There’s a big long list up there, including but not limited to:

Build a Story, five words at a time
Guilty or Not Guilty II: Not Guiltier
Corrupt a wish
The “Rolled a 1” Game
Count to 50: Ponies vs. Non-Ponies XLVIII: Friggin owls, man
Eternal You Make the Card

Maybe there are others that people can think of or take from other places too.

Let’s use this thread to discuss fun and games we can play on the boards.

Sure we can be cynical and say that these games are boring, but it’s not all about you. Not everything is about you. No.

Let the games commence! lol



What was her answer?



No, she went of her own accord.

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Can we play count to 50?

Normally, non-ponies add 1 to the count, and ponies (i.e. people with a My Little Pony/equine avatar) subtract 1. However, once the count reaches 1 above/below the record for non-ponies or ponies, respectively, the game enters PANIC. The moment a pony posts (Or non-pony, if the ponies have broken their record), the count is reset to 0. You have to try to increase the record as much as you can before PANIC is stopped. When that side wins, they get a point, the count is reset to 0, and their record is reset to ±10.

The Three-Post Rule is in effect, meaning that you need to wait for three people to post after you do, or else your post won’t count.

Additional information: The Three-Post Rule applies across the thread boundaries due to the special nature of this game.

Not had a game of DiS Crush for a while


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Hang on, I invented this game

20 questions!!!

Thought of one…GO!

so it’s @whiterussian vs everyone else

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Well. We might have to tweak their rules to better suit DiS. Quizzers vs non-quizzers? Tiger Crew v Squidpan? Something like that?

@discobot roll 1d20

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:game_die: 7


Looks like I’m okay!

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

@discobot roll 1d21

:game_die: 13