Messi's Wet Tuesday Night in Beswick - Tuesday Footi Thread

City get their latest soiling by the world’s greatest ever side at the Emptihad. I’ll give them a 0.003 chance of winning.

Arsenal travel to the mighty Ludogorets.

Celtic face Mönchengladbach.

Big Wilf Bony sees off Mad Bob’s beleagured Swansea.

Sven snubbs Wazzer.

PSV and Holland legend Ronald de Beor getting his P45 at Inter today.

The Bitter One begs s 43-year-old Bastian Schweinsteiger to come back into the fold and save his skin.


going for a 3-1 to citeh. not a gambling man, man…but I wonder what odds I’d get on this? (rhetorical/non rhetorical)

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best league in the world!

I kind of miss Serie A being the world’s best league. My first memories of football revolve around Milan, Juventus, Signori, Batistuta, etc. It’s absolutely the most fascinating league historically. Obviously the emergence of the Bundesliga and La Liga have been hugely entertaining, but there are signs of life now with young players emerging again and heavy overseas investment.

What Italian football desperately needs is investment in infrastructure. It’s not happened since the very late 80s as they were gearing up for the World Cup. As charming as the old stadiums are they need redeveloping, but most are government owned or funded. They basically need another tournament, maybe a Euros, but the next available isn’t until 2028. The big names would follow. Could easily see it overtaking the Bundesliga and La Liga again…provided the stadiums are rebuilt. The big players would follow.


man, this is dead impressive for a 28 year old!

japes aside, some good points raised, as always.

We’ve already had a top 4 one, so here’s the RELEGATION POLL

  • Hull
  • Burnley
  • Sunderland
  • Middlesborough
  • Swansea
  • Other

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Aye, got a lot of (borrowed) nostalgia for Serie A dominance, really fucking looking forward to going to the Milan derby in a few weeks despite them being a shadow of their former selves.

Wolves v Derby programme time. I was hoping for a sheep being ripped apart. Bit of a boring one this week

Very respectful

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Must. Not. Bite.



lmao at all of youse reckoning Sunderland will get relegated. How many seasons do they need to do this before they stop brutally trolling you?

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Can those who have selected ‘other’ please specify who they think will go down

Spurs, obviously.


Vincent Janssen is pretty shit, yeah

He’s no Soldado.

I’ve seen all but two of the Hull’s matches this season. Definite for the drop but I’m sort of past caring at this point. I just want the owners gone and for new ones to make a lot of changes, chiefly bringing back the old ticket scheme and having concessions again! Doesn’t look like this will happen by the end of the January transfer window though. Fucking joke. Crowd attendances and positivity are at an all time low.

Hard to see past Sunderland going down as well but I think if they do their usual and bring in a new manager they could have their inevitable charge to 17th.

A lot of maybes for the third place.There’s not much in it between the rest of the other candidates. Will probably be someone that we’re not really expecting e.g. Watford/West Brom. If West Brom struggle in their next few fixtures I’m inclined to go with them.

Think Watford will be fine, having a reliable goalscorer is such a big thing in the premiership, and Deeney & Ighalo are better options than anyone at the bottom have got. West Brom will constantly look like the worst team in the league and somehow end up in 13th, like every pulis team ever. West Ham going down would definitely be the funniest option, but probably won’t happen


Would fucking love it if West Ham went down, it would be so fucking funny


Definitely! And speaking about no concessions…

£50-£80 pound for an under 16??