Met anyone under Waterloo clock? Why?

Well have you?

Yoni wasn’t familiar with London

Yoni a friend of yours?

Didn’t even know Waterloo had a clock.

Old man Epimer been using his watch like a mug all this time

Yeah, we were in navy blue hoodies and khakis as was the style that year

Can I shock you? I don’t even wear a watch.

The TV, one Valentine’s Day

is this a euphemism?

It means getting pissed on

what a waste of a good pair of khakis

also fishnet hats and canvas shoes

Just made me think of this

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not wearing waterproof clothes just seems remiss

I’ve met loads of people there becasue it’s the most obvious place to meet in Waterloo Station and I used to live near there.


So you use your phone like a brute?

In London, where the sirens yelp like a helpless dog with his paws stepped on and the rain comes down in late july

I just guess what time it is using my intuition.

That’s romantic, did you take some flowers and also were there a lot of other ppl meeting there too?

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As long as I gaze on Waterloo clock

I am in paradise